Fallout Forceav Command

General Information

This command will forcefully set the value of a specified variable. This command sets the variable to the value specified and ignores all other modifiers. If you were to set your sneak to 5 using this command and you had +15 sneak from clothing, you would still have 5 sneak. If you were to set your sneak to 5 using the setav command, you would have a total of 20 sneak with clothing that offered +15.


forceav [variable id] [value] Target Command

Variable IDThe ID of the variable you wish to set the value of - e.g. CA_Trait_Mean.
ValueThe value you wish to set the variable to - note that this value will be set absolutely and ignore all current modifiers (e.g. if you used this command set the value of sneak to 5, and you had clothing that offered +15 sneak, your sneak value would still be 5).


ff0084953.forceav CarryWeight 200

The above command would forcefully set the CarryWeight of the NPC with reference ID ff0084953 to 200. Note that any factors that usually affect carryweight will no longer have an effect - the carryweight of that NPC will be 200, regardless of equipped items, perks, etc.