Fallout 4 NPC Codes

Below is a complete list of all NPC codes from Fallout 4. These can be used in console commands such as player.placeatme to spawn monsters, enemies, characters and other entities from the game.

Name ID / Cheat Code
Synth 00066644
Synth strider 00246977
Synth leader 00075342
Synth patroller 001A03F4
Synth seeker 001A03F5
Synth trooper 001A03F6
Synth assaulter 001A03F7
Synth stormer 001A03F8
Synth eradicator 001A03F9
Institute courser 001628EF
Raider (base) 0004AF21
Raider - 00097332
Raider (male template) 00097339
Raider - 0009733A
Raider 0009733D
Raider (fem. t.) 000A0E31
Raider - 00118E93
Raider (Combat Zone rulebreakers) 00118E94
Raider (Ghoulified raider male) ????????
Raider scum 000758AF
Raider psycho 001E7429
Raider scavver 000F757A
Raider waster 000F757B
Raider survivalist 000EB312
Raider veteran 00019567
Raider veteran 00149C9F
Berserk raider 001A734A
Feral ghoul 000758AD
Feral ghoul roamer 0011669D
Pink ghoul 001D475E
Feral ghoul stalker 00165790
Feral ghoul reaver 0007ED09
Withered feral ghoul 0007ED08
Gangrenous feral ghoul 0011669E
Rotting feral ghoul 0007ED07
Charred feral ghoul 001166A0
Glowing one 00020BCC
Putrid glowing one 0011669F
Bloated glowing one 000A0EEE
Fog ghoul xx01C85F
Painted ghoul xx019E7F
Charred painted ghoul xx019E88
Andersen 0016556A
Donoghue (male) 000BDE07
Donoghue (female) 000BDE09
Jon Elwood 00028FAE
Julian (Vault-Tec Workshop) xx0A13C5
First mate (ghoul) 001B48AB
Frederick Gibbons xx04D211
Patrick Gibbons xx04D213
Steven Gibbons xx04D20D
Victoria Gibbons xx04D20F
Wayne Gorski 0023F3E9
John Hatfield 00084912
Parker (male) 000BDE01
Parker (female) 000BDE03
Bradley Ramone 00075343
Rosa (Fallout 4) 000BDDF8
Chris Rosa 000C317C
Tim Shoots 00140892 (voice) 00084912 (ghoul)
Sumner (male) 0011F999
Sumner (female) 0011F99A
Washington (male) 000BDE0F
Washington (female) 000BDE10
Super mutant 000EDCC6
Super mutant skirmisher 000EDCC7
Super mutant brute 000EDCC8
Super mutant enforcer 000EDCC9
Super mutant butcher 000EDCCA
Super mutant master 000EDCCB
Super mutant overlord 0004238B
Super mutant overlord 0014238C
Super mutant overlord 0014238D
Super mutant overlord 0014238E
Super mutant overlord 0014238F
Super mutant overlord 00142390
Super mutant overlord 0041238B
Super mutant overlord 002483E5
Legendary super mutant overlord 0017E6F1
Legendary super mutant overlord 0017E6F0
Super mutant primus 0017E6F2
Super mutant warlord (laser rifle) 00142397
Super mutant warlord (minigun) 002483E7
Super mutant suicider 0014AE58
Behemoth 000BB7DD
Glowing behemoth 0012B97A
Epic behemoth 0012B97B
Ancient behemoth 0012B97C
Big Mack 002408E2
Brian Virgil 0006B503 (super mutant) 00168B89 (human)
Hammer (super mutant) 00113991
Dead Eye 0003B2BF
Strong 00027682
Swan 00056B7C
Fist (super mutant) 0003F2EA
Crag (Nuka-World) xx0350C5
Rage (Nuka-World) xx038511
Erickson xx01C5D1
Grun xx05420B
Pack brahmiluff xx01FAB1
Brahmiluff xx00D352
Brahmiluff shorthorn xx00D34A
Brahmiluff shorthorn xx00DAED
Brahmiluff longhorn xx00D353
Ol' Girl 0013350F
Clarabell (Fallout 4) 0006C507
Idiot 00130B81
Spot 00133507
Gazelle xx00D35B
Pack gazelle xx05258F
Attack dog 000B2BF2
Attack dog 001CF296
Attack dog 001CF297
Attack dog 001CF298
Pack dog xx056067
Junkyard dog 00176337
Mutant hound 00090C37
Glowing mutant hound 0012240D
Dogmeat (Fallout 4) 0001D15C
Duke (Far Harbor) xx04BA67
Kate (dog) 001FB1EB
Kyle (dog) 001FB1E9
Teddy 00206173
Gracie (Far Harbor) xx02C661
Wild mongrel 0001D15A
Alpha wild mongrel 001832FF
Vicious mongrel 001324D8
Alpha vicious mongrel 00136251
Feral mongrel 001324D9
Alpha feral mongrel 001832FB
Albino mongrel 001324DA
Alpha albino mongrel 001832FC
Rabid mongrel 001324DB
Alpha rabid mongrel 001832FD
Glowing mongrel 001324DC
Alpha glowing mongrel 001832FE
Vicious wolf xx0140EF
Legendary vicious wolf xx0140F3
Feral wolf xx0140F0
Legendary feral wolf xx0140F2
Grey wolf xx0140EE
Albino wolf xx0140F4
Mutant wolf xx04BA66
Rabid wolf xx0140ED
Legendary rabid wolf xx0140F5
Glowing wolf xx03D2B1
Legendary glowing wolf xx03D2B2
Alissa 001FB1EC
Ruby (Fallout 4) 0015CD3A
Shug 0015DC95
Wounded dog 00030BA6
Mishka xx02C65C
House cat 000C9AD3
Pack cat xx056064
Ashes 0002A835
Dora 001BE407
Emmett 001552C5
Luna xx04BD1A
Maisie 00107AE9
Scruffy xx045E9F
Tink xx008A16
Toro 0013AD54
Gorilla 000BA628
Ghoulrilla xx00D347
Ghoulrilla king xx00D354
Pack ghoulrilla xx051E7E
Mole rat 0001D966
Mole rat 000FA89F
Rabid mole rat 001832F6
Glowing mole rat 001832F7
Mole rat brood mother 001832F8
Vault 81 lab mole rat 000DB0A5
Pack mole rat xx056069
Rad-rat pup xx00C609
Mangy rad-rat pup xx0138F4
Rad-rat xx0201EC
Infected rad-rat pup xx0201E1
Mangy rad-rat xx0201ED
Infected rad-rat xx0201EE
Plagued rad-rat xx03B8A6
Rad rabbit xx03DDE2
Radstag yearling 00115A8C
Radstag doe 00115A8B
Radstag 0008CA3C
Albino radstag 00115A8D
Rabid radstag 00115A8E
Glowing radstag 00115A8F
Erratic radstag doe xx013F75
Erratic radstag xx013F74
Devolved radstag doe xx013F72
Devolved radstag xx013F71
Quantum radstag FEXXX000
Stunted yao guai 000295A0
Young yao guai xx042EDD
Pack yao guai xx051E2B
Yao guai 000A0F33
Yao guai ghoul xx02175D
Shaggy yao guai 001437F2
Irradiated yao guai xx02175C
Glowing yao guai 001437F3
Albino yao guai 001437F4
Rabid yao guai 001437F5
Dusky yao guai 001437F6
Deathclaw 0001DB4C
Alpha deathclaw 001423A7
Glowing deathclaw 001423A8
Quantum deathclaw xx00D325
Deathclaw matriarch 001423A9
Savage deathclaw 001423AA
Albino deathclaw 001423AB
Chameleon deathclaw 001423AC
Mythic deathclaw 001423AD
Gatorclaw xx00D357
Albino gatorclaw xx00EFF0
Small forager ant xx00CE60
Small soldier ant xx0201DF
Small glowing ant xx0201DE
Forager ant xx0201E6
Soldier ant xx0201E7
Glowing ant xx0201E8
Overgrown forager ant xx0201E9
Overgrown soldier ant xx0201EA
Overgrown glowing ant xx0201EB
Flying ant swarm xx00B02C
Flying soldier ant swarm xx0138BA
Flying glowing ant swarm xx03B57D
Bloatfly 00029469
Black bloatfly 001423B0
Festering bloatfly 001423B1
Glowing bloatfly 001423B2
Bloodbug hatchling 00028669
Bloodbug 001423B4
Red widow bloodbug 001423B5
Infected bloodbug 001423B6
Glowing bloodbug 001423B7
Vampiric bloodbug 001423B8
Cave cricket xx0138B8
Cave cricket hunter xx0138B9
Cave cricket piercer xx0201DC
Glowing cave cricket xx0201E5
Cave cricket black [clarification needed] xx03B512
Fog crawler xx00A2CA
Ghostly fog crawler xx0269BE
Glowing fog crawler xx00A2CB
Skulking fog crawler xx00A2CC
Pale fog crawler xx00A2CD
Enraged fog crawler xx014455
Diseased fog crawler xx00A2D1
Shipbreaker (creature) xx040AAE
Hermit crab hatchling xx04417D
Hermit crab xx??????
Giant hermit crab xx0180AA
Alpha hermit crab xx040C2E
Glowing hermit crab xx040C2F
Savage hermit crab xx040C30
Albino hermit crab xx040C2D
Mirelurk hatchling 0016962D
Mirelurk spawn 00176DCA
Nukalurk spawn xx01234A
Softshell mirelurk 0019E967
Mirelurk (standard) 00024002
Mirelurk (burrowed) 000361C1
Mirelurk (legendary) 0017E6D3
Mirelurk (template) 00033F49
Mirelurk razorclaw (standard) 0014237F
Mirelurk razorclaw (legendary) 0017E6D0
Mirelurk killclaw (standard) 00142380
Mirelurk killclaw (legendary) 0017E6D1
Glowing mirelurk (standard) 00142383
Glowing mirelurk (legendary) 0017E6D6
Nukalurk xx01234C
Bloodrage mirelurk xx023AC1
Mirelurk queen (standard) 000E12AB
Mirelurk queen (template) 0016CDBB
Nukalurk queen xx01234B
Glowing mirelurk hunter (standard) 00142381
Albino mirelurk hunter (standard) 00142384
Albino mirelurk hunter (legendary) 0017E6D8
Nukalurk hunter xx01234D
Mirelurk king (standard) 000B7F95
Mirelurk king (legendary) 0017E6DC
Mirelurk deep king (standard) 00142382
Mirelurk deep king (legendary) 0017E6DD
Glowing mirelurk king (standard) 00142385
Glowing mirelurk king (legendary) 0017E6DE
Nukalurk king xx01234E
Red Death xx048ABE
Radroach 0016CA44
Radroach 001BBEA9
Radroach 000971B9
Radroach 00055380
Radroach 000475DF
Radroach 0007D285
Glowing radroach 001BBEAA
Glowing radroach 0016CA42
Legendary radroach 0016CA41
Legendary radroach 002499C4
Radscorpion (standard) 000636AA
Radscorpion (template) 001443D8
Radscorpion hunter 00020B85
Glowing radscorpion 00020B86
Albino radscorpion 00115EA5
Radscorpion stalker 00115EA6
Radscorpion predator 00115EA7
Deathskull radscorpion 00115EA8
Stingwing 0005FBB3
Stingwing darter 001423BB
Stingwing skimmer 001423BC
Glowing stingwing 001423BD
Stingwing chaser 001423BE
Bloodworm larva xx0138B7
Venomous bloodworm larva xx0201DA
Bloodworm xx0201EF
Glowing bloodworm larva xx0201DB
Bloodworm queen xx046CF9
Venomous bloodworm xx0201F0
Glowing bloodworm xx0201F1
Alien 00184C51
Radgull 00197965
Rad chicken xx03FD6A
Angler xx009583
Lantern angler xx009588
Glowing angler xx009584
Albino angler xx009585
Venomous angler xx009586
Young gulper xx0247C4
Gulper xx02793B
Glowing gulper xx02793C
Gulper devourer xx02793D
Sole Survivor 00000007
Blake Abernathy 0006B4D3
Connie Abernathy 0006B4D1
Lucy Abernathy 0006B4D2
Chancer 000AE145
Eddie Winter 000969C6
Bluejay 0004863B
Duke 0011686A
Johnny D. 001164F6
Peepers 000BB1F9
Rowdy 0001DB56
Roxy 001164F7
Zeke 00048622
Dutchman 0003DF76
Helena 0003DF75
Knight Sergeant Gavil 000B26EF
Knight Lucia 000B26F0
Knight Rylan 000C392B
Initiate Clarke 000B26EE
Liberty Prime 001337F2
Curator Givens 0009085F
Dalen 001015B1
Cricket 0012FCCE
Deb 00019978
Doc Weathers 0012FCCB
Edward Deegan 00047EC0
Joe Savoldi 00019983
Kay 0001997A
Kessler 0001995C
Meg 0001997F
Old Man Stockton 00039FCB
Tony Savoldi 0005FD2E
Trashcan Carla 000DC936
B2-57 000D6049
F6-33 000D604F
X4-18 000EF222
Y9-15 000D6051
Z3-22 000D6053
Jack Cabot 00047EB7
Wilhelmina Cabot 00047EBF
H2-22 0005FEFD
High Rise 0007CD78
Knight Keane 000DB683
Knight Rhys 0005DE40
Paladin Danse 00027683
Scribe Haylen 0005DE3F
Molly 00028FAC
Dr. Wilfred Bergman 001B01C7
Brother Andrew 000C5191
Brother James 000C5193
Brother Matthew 000C5192
Brother Simon 000C5194
Brother Thomas 000BE956
Emogene Cabot 00047EBE001A0094
Cait 00079249
Tommy Lonegan 0002074C
Jun Long 00019FDB
Mama Murphy 00019FD8
Marcy Long 00019FDC
Preston Garvey 00019FD9
Sturges 00019FDA
Brian Fitzgerald 00039FCD
Deezer 000890C1
Patricia Montgomery 000F246A
Honest Dan 00039FC5
Jacob Orden 00039FD3
Penny Fitzgerald 000537E2
Swanson 00037056
Talia McGovern 00039FD1
Ted Huntley 00039FCF
Amelia Stockton 00039FC8
Blythe 000F36E4
Manny 00054B0E
Roslyn Chambers 00037055
Brother Foster 0012DB4C
Brother Griffith 0012DB4A
Brother Ogden 0013426D
Brother Ward 0013426F
Mother Isolde 0012DB48
Sister Layla 0013426E
Sister Verena 0013426C
Confessor Adalia 000335C2
Bosco 001262DA
Slim 0015DCE2
Dando 0015CD2A
Abbot 00002F28
Ann Codman 00002F0E
Arturo Rodriguez 00002CB7
Cathy 00002CCF
Clarence Codman 00002F0C
Colette Cooke 00002F00
Danny Sullivan 000190BF
Darcy Pembroke 00002F18
Doctor Sun 00020B8E
Earl Sterling 0013FE2C
Eustace 00002F1A
Geneva 00002F0A
John 00002CCB
Kyle 0014BF69
Malcom Latimer 00002F10
Mayor McDonough 00002F08
Mel 00052174
Moe Cronin 00002CB2
Myrna 00002CBF
Nat Wright 00002F20
Nelson Latimer 00002F12
Paul Pembroke 00002F14
Percy 00002CC1
Piper Wright 00002F1E
Polly 00002CD4
Riley 0014BF66
Scarlett 0004B240
Sheffield 00002F06
Sheng Kawolski 00002F02
Solomon 00002CBB
Takahashi 00002CDA
Wellingham 00002F22
Pastor Clements 00002EFA
Henry Cooke 000399DD
Travis Miles 00002F26
Erin Reische 0005660E
Gavin Everitts 000260DF
Miss Edna 00002EF4
Mister Zwicky 00002EF6
Nina Rodriguez 00003005
Phil Wallace 0005660D
Pete Pembroke 00002F15
Bull 00043389
Gouger 000ED665
Hawthorne 00002F1C
Vadim Bobrov 00002EFC
Yefim Bobrov 00002EFE
Becky Fallon 00002CC6
Doc Crocker 00002CD6
Doctor Duff 00002EF8
Professor Scara 000B2FC7
Ellie Perkins 000222A2
Patrick 001069FE
Simone 00106A08
Trudy 001069FC
Wolfgang 00106A04
Bedlam 00140872
Hugo 0013BF29
Eager Ernie 000CF6DA
Atomic Dreamz 000EFBB5
Bob's Your Uncle 000EFBBC
The Boston Blaster 000EFBB9
Fusion's Folly 000EFBBA
Iron Maiden 000EFBB6
Lady Lovelace 000EFBB8
Ol' Rusty 000EF3F5
Piece o' Junk 000EFBB7
Tin Man 000EFBBB
Eleanor 001E1F43
Abigail Finch 0003F22C
Abraham Finch 0003F23D
Daniel Finch 0003F22B
Bean 000E7AFC
Cook Handy 000E92AB
Crisp 000E7B5B
Danny 000E5249
Greeter 000FD4C0
Kingpin 00157AA6
Lane 00157AA8
Mack 000E5248
Reg 000E8D4B
Split 00157AA5
Sprocket 000E8D51
Strike 00157AA7
Tenpin 000E934D
The Champ 000E5246
Director 00046B0C
Torte 000E7B6C
Waitron 000E92AA
Bobbi No-Nose 00027684
Daisy 00022616
Finn 00033585
John Hancock 00022613
KL-E-0 000228CE
Sammy 0015DE73
Wayne Delancy 0003FEC8
Clair Hutchins 000226DC
Fred Allen 000226D9
Marowski 000226E2
Rufus Rubins 0001A255
Stan Slavin 000226DF
Vault-Tec rep 00031FB4
Doctor Amari 0009A680
Irma 000228A5
Kent Connolly 000228AA
Sonya 000C895F
Barnes 00034680
Ham 0002268C
Magnolia 0002268A
MacCready 0002740E
Whitechapel Charlie 00022687
Winlock 0003467F
Supervisor Brown 000F1492
Supervisor Greene 000F1494
Supervisor White 00020A47
T.S. Wallace 00079585
K1-98 0004EFE2
Z2-47 0004EFEC
Captain Wes 001A710F
Cruz 001A710E
Ryder 001A710D
Carl Everett 0005E53F
Ken Standish 0005E541
Luke Silverhand 0005E540
Sal 0005B1A2
Tanya Standish 0005E545
Gabriel 000E20FD
Wire 000AE146
Theodore Collins 0003D834
Trader Rylee 0003EFF2
Avery 00045700
Sinjin 000471B4
Major Jefferies 001685F3
Private Hart 001685F5
Sergeant Lee 001685F4
Knight Astlin 000B1E28
Shelly Tiller 000E1D27
Evan O'Dood 001FB1E7
Lefty 001A7347
Lorenzo Cabot 00047EC5
Maria 0004B28E
Pickman 0004AD4D
Slab 0016A65E
Sergeant Baker 001A679C
Lieutenant Clint 001A679E
Bullet 001A679A
Slough 002075EB
Carol Peabody 0002A83D
Matt Peabody 0002A83C
Deacon 00045AC9
Desdemona 00045AD1
Doctor Carrington 00045ACD
Drummer Boy 000678CE
Glory 00045ACF
Mister Tims 001846B2
P.A.M. 00045AD3
Tinker Tom 00045ACB
Codsworth 000179FF
Nate 000566BB
Nora 000566BC
Shaun 0002A19A
Mr. Able 000BDDFB
Mrs. Able 000BDDFD
Mr. Callahan 0015A1D8
Mrs. Callahan 0015A1D9
Mr. Cofran 0003BDB5
Mrs. Cofran 0003BDB7
Cindy Cofran 0003BDB9
Mr. DiPietro 0003BDB3
Mr. Russell 0011E794
Mr. Smith 0011E355
Mrs. Sumner 0001F99A
Mr. Whitfield 0011E78E
Mrs. Whitfield 0011E78D
Jake Finch 0003F22D
Lexa 0018A6D5
Simon 0018A6D4
Slag 00131019
Stash 0018A6D1
Brother Henri 000B2FD7
Atom's Wrath 0014404A
Emma 00162781
Josh 00073235
Kath 0001CA71
Mikail 000668D5
Margaret Sutton 001A5856
Mary Sutton 00087AA0
Russell Sutton 001A5855
Ronnie Shaw 0003A458
General McGann 000BAF8C
Sarge 0012C046
Alan Binet 0005E560
Alana Secord 0005E564
Alice Thompson 00148B72
Allie Filmore 0005E557
Brendan Volkert 00148B76
Clayton Holdren 0005E55C
Dean Volkert 0005E55E
Enrico Thompson 0005E55A
Evan Watson 0005E561
Eve 001128A4
G9-81 000D29F9
Isaac Karlin 0005E55D
Janet Thompson 00148B71
Julia Thompson 00148B73
Justin Ayo 0005E563
Lawrence Higgs 0005E559
Liam Binet 000A82E5
Madison Li 0005E63F
Max Loken 0005E55F
Nathan Filmore 00148B75
Newton Oberly 0005E55B
Quentin Filmore 00148B74
Rosalind Orman 0005E562
Shaun 000570C3
Synth requisition officer 001814F2
X6-88 000BBEE6
Z1-14 000D29F8
XPN-20A 001CFB17
Z4K-97B 001CFB18
A-2018 001CFB19
Elder Maxson 000642B8
Lancer Captain Kells 000642B2
Knight Captain Cade 000642B3
Proctor Ingram 000642B5
Proctor Quinlan 000642B6
Proctor Teagan 000642B4
Senior Scribe Neriah 000642B9
Buddy 000F12B0
Donny Kowalski 000327B5
Gaff 000AE157
Arlen Glass 000254EE
Deirdre 0003F23B
Holly 0003F23A
Jones 0003F239
Wiseman 0003F234
Beatrice Bell 000FDA94
Francis O'Dell 000FDA96
Kelly K. 000FDA8C
Maven 000FDA8E
Mr. Mathers 000FDA8D
Ms. Boom 000FDA91
Roger 000FDA8F
Sly Nicholas 000FDA92
Songbird 000FDA90
Tommy Whispers 000FDA8B
Rex Goodman 00036D6A
Bosun 000A291F
Ironsides 0003ADC4
Davies 0004E39E
First mate 000A1601
Lookout 0009138B
Mandy Stiles 0003ADC8
Mr. Navigator 000A1607
Alexis Combes 0002A819
Austin Engill 000581B5
Bobby De Luca 0002A829
Calvin 00153855
Curie 00027686
Dr. Jacob Forsythe 0002A821
Dr. Penske 0002A825
Erin Combes 0002A830
Gwen McNamara 0002A833
Holt Combes 0002A82F
Horatio 0002A81B
Katy 0002A827
Maria Summerset 0002A81E
Mark Summerset 0002A81D
Miranda Song 000AB3D8
Neil Freund 000AB3DA
Officer Edwards 0015384E
Old Rusty 0002A82D
Rachel 0002A823
Tina De Luca 0002A82A
Darla 000969D9
Dino 0017412F
Nick Valentine 00002F24
Skinny Malone 00083FB4
Bear 001A76A3
Tweez 001A76A2
Walter 001A76A6
Whiplash 001A886D
Bill Sutton 0003F238
Cedric Hopton 000A1217
Janey Warwick 0003F235
June Warwick 0003F236
Roger Warwick 0003F23C
Wally Warwick 0003F237
Anne Hargraves 00036D6F
George Cooper 00036D6E
Absalom 0014CE9E
Ack-Ack 000B105B
Agent Blackbird 000B26ED
Angie 001905EE
Art (synth) 0017E78C
Art (human) 0017E796
Barney Rook 0004D472
Bethany 00227ED2
Big Maude 0013A94A
Billy Peabody 00028630
Boomer 000AE154
Brent Savoldi 001A4D43
Captain Bridget 00051E91
Captain Sally 0013A95D
Captain Zao 000327B6
Caretaker 000B3EC7
Charlie 001A77C2
Cinder 000AE153
Clinton 001A77C6
Clutch 000AE156
Conrad Kellogg 0009BC6C
Cutty 001AD87B
Demo 000AE14C
Doc Anderson 0018AF90
Dreth 0003D638
Father Gabe 0022B295
Fred 001905EF
Fred O'Connell 00047649
Gene 00194334
Gruel 0016ADB0
Gus 0018448D
Hadrian 00111815
Helter Skelter 000AE143
Jared 000D3C53
Judge Zeller 00077D36
Jules 001905ED
Kat 0018448C
Kellogg's mother 000D3C9C
Kelly 001A0A4D
Kendra 0004A101
Knight Varham 000B1DB3
Leonard Moore 001E810E
Lucas Miller 00130B78
Lucky Tatum 0013A934
Mac 001AD495
Manta Man 0014CEA2
Marty Bullfinch 001C492F
Mikey 001A967F
Moss 001A967E
Mysterious Stranger 00188AA7
Ness 0004B369
Northy 000456F6
Opal 000975FD
Paladin Brandis 000B35BD
Parker Quinn 000843E6
Phyllis Daily 000219B0
Preston Garvey impersonator 001AC7C4
Professor Goodfeels 000D5224
Rags 0004818D
Randy 0019F6DA
Red Tourette 001A4E5C
Regi Blattaria 00248618
Ricca 001079AF
Richard 000C97C7
Ricky Dalton 00072A08
Ron Staples 00192356
Rory Rigwell 00043216
Sarah 000D4CB5
Scribe Faris 000B1DB5
Scutter 000AE158
Skrap Rat 001A97FB
Smiling Larry 0002F2A6
Smiling Kate 000456F2
Sparta 000AE13F
Stevie Buchanan 0013A94F
Sully Mathis 001073FC00107712
Tad 001079B2
Tammy Mac 0013A952
Theodore Croup 001304C6
The Bruiser 0013A955
The Scribe 0010D567
Timothy 001A9510
Tower Tom 0004B0BF
Trish 0003FE41
Virgil 0006B503
X9-27 0010FA73
Ahab xx010F5F
Ivey xx00E399
Jezebel xx008ACF
The Mechanist xx0008B2
Sparks xx001DAC
Ada xx00FD5A
Hurtz xx00FF0E
Jackson xx00FEFD
Liza xx00FF04
Porter xx00FF0C
Shades xx00FF08
Turing xx00FF0A
Zoe xx00FF01
Automatron xx001EED
Aster xx00463E
Chase xx00463A
Cog xx004640
Cole xx02175A
Dejen xx00463F
DiMA xx004639
Faraday xx00463C
High Confessor Tektus (synth) xx0212AB
Jule xx004642
Kasumi Nakano xx003ECA
Knight Captain Larsen xx0305BC
Miranda xx00463B
Naveen xx004641
Allen Lee xx005C99
Andre Michaud xx005C9D
Brooks xx005C9B
Captain Avery xx005C80
Cassie Dalton xx005C95
Harbormen xx005CB9 (man)xx005CBE (woman)
Jared Gresham xx04385B
Sandra Lee xx005C93
The Mariner xx005C91
Small Bertha xx005C83
Teddy Wright xx005C97
Tony xx005C85
Debby xx005CC2
Mitch xx005C9F
Old Longfellow xx006E5B
Brother Devin xx00446F
Brother Kane xx004471
Grand Zealot Brian Richter xx004465
Sister Mai xx00446D
The Archemist xx00446B
Zealot Theil xx004469
Zealot Ware xx004467
High Confessor Tektus xx004464
Sister Aubert xx0082C7
Bert Riggs xx02062F
Concierge xx0338ED
Ezra Parker xx038B2D
Gilda Broscoe xx02062C
Julianna Riggs xx02062E
Keith McKinney xx02062D
Maxwell xx0338EE
Pearl xx032509
Santiago Avida xx020620
Spencer Lords xx020630
Jasper xx043B0B
Penny xx044BB6
Rupert xx044BA5
Sebastion xx044BB8
Reinhart VII xx020631
Bilge xx02E126
Boxer xx020405
Braun Husky xx0216BE
Bray Husky xx0316BB
Luke Husky xx0316BC
Rowan Husky xx0316BD
Kenji Nakano xx002162
Rei Nakano xx00220D
Malcolm xx049CB8
Douglas xx027F5D
Dottie xx00F116
Machete Mike xx045FDA
Uncle Ken xx00AAF8
William Moseley xx02F3F6
Sister Gwyneth xx01B0BF
Sister Harriet xx01A210
Howard Dunbar xx023B24
Nathaniel Gibbons xx04D216
Zachary xx04385E
Security Chief Andersen xx16556A
Overseer Barstow xx0042B4
Clem xx0049D7
Aaron Corbett xx01CB7A
Anise xx02F89D
Chip Morse xx01E3B3
Commander Bear xx038510
Dixie xx00A4E6
Fritsch xx03123E
Katelyn Alden xx01CB79
Keith Dawkins xx01E3B4
Lauren Plummer xx01CB76
Lizzie Wyath xx010E51
Mackenzie Bridgeman xx01CB65
Maddox xx01CB7C
Mags Black xx00D3EB
Mason xx00F436
N.I.R.A. xx01A5C2
Nisha xx00A4E2
Overboss Colter xx00A50A
Porter Gage xx00881D
Prisoner xx04C0AExx04C0AE
Rogue knight xx038512
Sabine xx038513
Sabot xx03850F
Savoy xx00A4E7
Shank xx00DBDF
Shelbie Chase xx01CB74
Sierra Petrovita xx013A43
William Black xx00D3ED
Wretch xx03850E
Kendell Alston xx03198C
Startender xx0293DD
Tiana Alston xx032F4F
Doc Phosphate xx00D884
One-Eyed Ike xx00D882
Ricky Braxton xx00D874
Sam Teller xx00D873
Sheriff Eagle xx0431BE
Sheriff Hawk xx0431BD
Terry Tanaka xx00D875
The Giddyup Kid xx00D883
Oswald the Outrageous xx01763B
Chipmunk xx04C0BA
Cito xx0337CA
Darren McDermot xx03B9CE
Corporal Downey xx047304
Sergeant Lanier xx047303
Brett Dunmore xx042B47
Kali Dunmore xx042B50
Monique Dunmore xx042B4C
Lucy Grandchester xx0145DA
Ticket taker xx0145DC
Zachariah xx0145DD
Cleansed xx00CC97
Dara Hubbell xx00CC90
Maurice Turner xx00CC98
Phil Roller xx00CC94
Rolanda Hooper xx00CC96
Tula Spinney xx00CC99
Argus xx02E268
Bottle xx015AA3 (voice)
Chelsea xx01443B
Commander Kaylor xx01A28B
Cora xx01443A
Corin xx02DBFD
Evan xx04AC35
Harvey xx007D59
Ian xx02F888
Katana xx04BD1B
Lucky xx02F8B0
Ophelia xx02F8B1
Peter xx0144C3
Corporal Tornin xx050294
Private Tyler xx02F8E5
Rachel Watkins xx0417AF
RedEye xx00A5B2
Sergeant Marcks xx02F8B2
Sinner xx01B008
Sykes xx02DA6C
Weylan xx011111
B-263 xx000C28
Burner xx000C39
Candy xx000DAD
Charlie FEXXXD78
Connor FEXXX884
Dave Perkins FEXXXAAB
Fisheye FEXXX696
Gael Vasquez FEXXX875
Hodges FEXXX9F0
Ivy FEXXX880
Cpt. Janssen xx000C3A
Johnny Morton xx000C46
Maria Harper FEXXX876
Mercy FEXXX817
Murderer FEXXX80A
Phil Goodman FEXXXAA1
Pyro FEXXX852
Queen FEXXX8D3
Raymond FEXXX95B
Rod Stoddard xx000C47
Roy Baker xx000E0F
Rudolph FEXXX959
Scabby FEXXX85B
Scratch FEXXX5E6
Silas FEXXX885
Sparrow FEXXX73A
Architect xx000E21
Wally Mack xx001072
Wasteland Joe FEXXX783
Yuki / S.N.O.W. xx000C41