Fallout Help Command

General Information

This command can be used to search for functions, item codes, IDs for NPCs/objects, settings and much more. See argument explanation for details.


help ["search term"] [search type] [form id]

"Search Term"The string you wish to search for, in "quotation marks".
Search TypeThe type of search you wish to execute:
  • 0 - search for everything
  • 1 - search for functions
  • 2 - search for settings
  • 3 - search for globals
  • 4 - search for a form (next argument)
Form IDOnly required if searching for a form (search type '4'). Forms:
  • AMMO (Ammunition)
  • ARMO (Armor)
  • ALCH (Food, drink, etc)
  • BOOK (Magazines, notes)
  • CELL (Map cells)
  • FACT (Factions)
  • FURN (Furniture)
  • MISC (Miscellaneous)
  • NPC_ (NPCs)
  • OMOD (Item modifications)
  • PERK (Perks)
  • QUST (Quests)
  • SPEL (Character conditions)
  • STAT (Objects)
  • WEAP (Weapons)


help 5.56 4 AMMO

This command would search for the term '5.56' through all IDs in the 'AMMO' form category. The reason it searches in the form category is because we specified '4' as a second argument, which tells the command to search for a form. It searches for ammunition because we specified 'AMMO' after 4.