Fallout Setessential Command

General Information

This command changes the 'essential status' of the NPC with the specified ID. When an NPC is essential, it cannot be killed.


setessential [npc id] [essential status]

NPC IDThe ID of the NPC you wish to change the essential state of. Note this should be the base ID of an NPC, rather than an NPC's reference ID.
Essential StatusSpecify 0 here to set the NPC as non-essential, specify 1 here to set the NPC as essential.


setessential 001423A8 1

This command will make the NPC with ID 001423A8 (Glowing Deathclaw) an essential NPC. Note that the ID provided should be a base ID, not a reference ID. The effects of this command will be applied to a type of NPC (like a species), not an individual NPC.