How to Find and Use Reference IDs in Fallout 4

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Reference IDs are unique IDs assigned to each and every item, object and NPC in Fallout 4. They are used to refer to a specific instance of anything.

For example, if you spawned two Nuclear Material which has a base ID of 00069086, each of the two Nuclear Materials would have a different reference ID. If you wanted to delete one of the Nuclear Materials, you could reference a specific one of the two Nuclear Material with its reference ID.

A reference ID is also often referred to as a Target ID, because they are used in target commands. All objects, items and NPCs have a reference ID - not just those that are spawned in.

There are two parts to this guide:

How to Find the Reference ID of an Item, Object, NPC or Character

There are many ways to find out the reference ID of an item, object, NPC or character in Fallout. Here are a few:

  1. By clicking on something in the game whilst the console is open. The reference ID of the clicked object will be printed to the console.
  2. By using the GetPlayerGrabbedRef Command. Simply press and hold E on an item in the world, open your console, and type getplayergrabbedref.
  3. You can find out the reference ID of an item you previously spawned with the PickLastRef and GetSelectedRef commands. Simply type picklastref; getselectedref; into the console and the refence ID of your last spawned item will be printed to the console.

How to Use Reference IDs in Commands

Reference IDs are most commonly used in target commands. Target commands require you to type the reference ID, followed by a . before the command.

For example, if you wanted to kill an NPC with the reference ID ff0084953, you could use the kill command. All you'd have to do is put ff0084953. before the command: ff0084953.kill.

With most commands that requrire a reference ID (sometimes referred to as a target ID), you can just select the object/item/NPC you wish to execute the command on and type the command without the reference ID and . before it. You can select things in the world by clicking on them, or with the PickByRefId command.

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