Fallout 4 Armor Code List

Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Armor IDs. Armor can be equipped by your character and offers defensive bonuses. Examples are armor include power armor and combat armor.

Type the cheat code or name of an item into the search box to instantly filter 218 IDs. For help spawning items using these ID codes, please see our spawn item help page.

Item codes from DLCs start with a different code called a DLC Code. A DLC code is a two digit number that tells the game the DLC an item comes from. It is different for everyone because it's based on the amount and type of DLCs you have installed. If need help finding the DLC code for one of your DLCs, please see our DLC code finder.

Item Name ID Code
Raider Chest Piece 0018e415
Raider Left Arm 0018e411
Raider Right Arm 0018e413
Raider Left Leg 0018e40f
Raider Right Leg 0018e40d
Leather Chest Piece 0007b9c6
Leather Left Arm 0007b9c7
Leather Right Arm 0007b9c3
Leather Left Leg 0007b9c4
Leather Right Leg 0007b9c5
Metal Chest Piece 000536c4
Metal Left Arm 0004b933
Metal Right Arm 000536c1
Metal Left Leg 000536c2
Metal Right Leg 000536c3
Combat Armor Chest Piece 0011d3c3
Combat Armor Left Arm 0011d3c7
Combat Armor Right Arm 0011d3c6
Combat Armor Left Leg 0011d3c5
Combat Armor Right Leg 0011d3c4
Synth Chest Piece 00187974
Synth Left Arm 0018796c
Synth Right Arm 0018796e
Synth Left Leg 00187972
Synth Right Leg 00187970
Dc Guard Helm 000af0f6
Dc Guard Heavy Helmet 000af0f7
Dc Guard Umpire's Pads 000af0ee
Dc Guard Left Arm Armor 000af0f1
Dc Guard Right Arm Armor 000af0f2
Dc Guard Left Shoulder 000af0ea
Dc Guard Right Shoulder 000af0ed
Dc Guard Left Forearm 000af0eb
Dc Guard Right Forearm 000af0ec
Vault-tec Security Helmet (dirty) 000821b6
Vault 81 Security Armor (dirty) 00154f10
Vault-tec Security Armor (vault 111 Dirty) 000821b4
Vault-tec Security Armor (vault 111 Clean) 001d884f
Covenant Security Armor 00156c0d
Robot Chest Piece DLC Code + 00863f
Robot Left Arm DLC Code + 008644
Robot Right Arm DLC Code + 008642
Robot Left Leg DLC Code + 008648
Robot Right Leg DLC Code + 008646
Trapper Chest Piece DLC Code + 00ee79
Trapper Left Arm DLC Code + 00ee75
Trapper Right Arm DLC Code + 00ee76
Trapper Left Leg DLC Code + 00ee77
Trapper Right Leg DLC Code + 00ee78
Disciples Hood DLC Code + 03b557
Disciples Spiked Helmet DLC Code + 026bb6
Disciples Metal Chest Piece DLC Code + 026bb8
Disciples Strapped Chest Piece DLC Code + 026bab
Disciples Metal Left Arm DLC Code + 026bc1
Disciples Metal Right Arm DLC Code + 026bbf
Disciples Spiked Left Arm DLC Code + 026bc0
Disciples Spiked Right Arm DLC Code + 026bbe
Disciples Strapped Left Arm DLC Code + 03b559
Disciples Strapped Right Arm DLC Code + 03b558
Disciples Wrapped Left Arm DLC Code + 026bb4
Disciples Wrapped Right Arm DLC Code + 026bb2
Disciples Metal Left Leg DLC Code + 026bbc
Disciples Metal Right Leg DLC Code + 026bba
Disciples Spiked Left Leg DLC Code + 026bbb
Disciples Spiked Right Leg DLC Code + 026bb9
Disciples Strapped Left Leg DLC Code + 03b556
Disciples Strapped Right Leg DLC Code + 03b555
Disciples Wrapped Left Leg DLC Code + 026baf
Disciples Wrapped Right Leg DLC Code + 026bad
Operators Belted Chest Piece DLC Code + 028743
Operators Chest Piece DLC Code + 03b8ae
Operators Heavy Chest Piece DLC Code + 028738
Operators Left Arm DLC Code + 03b8aa
Operators Right Arm DLC Code + 03b8ab
Operators Left Armband DLC Code + 028739
Operators Right Armband DLC Code + 02873b
Operators Heavy Left Arm DLC Code + 028731
Operators Heavy Right Arm DLC Code + 028733
Operators Heavy Left Bracer DLC Code + 028730
Operators Heavy Right Bracer DLC Code + 028732
Operators Left Leg DLC Code + 02873f
Operators Right Leg DLC Code + 028741
Operators Heavy Left Leg DLC Code + 028735
Operators Heavy Right Leg DLC Code + 028737
Operators Heavy Left Leg Guard DLC Code + 028734
Operators Heavy Right Leg Guard DLC Code + 028736
Pack Moose Helmet DLC Code + 02740f
Pack Feather Necklace DLC Code + 03b8a9
Pack Necklace DLC Code + 02741f
Pack Shawl DLC Code + 027421
Yao-guai Finger Necklace DLC Code + 04e26f
Pack Stuffed Chest Piece DLC Code + 02741e
Pack Chest Armor DLC Code + 027414
Pack Left Bracer DLC Code + 027415
Pack Right Bracer DLC Code + 027417
Pack Left Arm DLC Code + 02740b
Pack Right Arm DLC Code + 02740d
Pack Stuffed Left Leg DLC Code + 02741a
Pack Stuffed Right Leg DLC Code + 02741c
Pack Bone Left Leg DLC Code + 027410
Pack Right Bone Leg DLC Code + 027412
Assault Gas Mask 0007239e
Assault Marine Armor Helmet DLC Code + 009e58
Assaultron Helmet DLC Code + 00864a
Brotherhood Of Steel Hood 000e1a39
Brown Flight Helmet 000d4166
Disciples Banded Helmet DLC Code + 026bb7
Disciples Bladed Helmet DLC Code + 026bb5
Disciples Cowl DLC Code + 026bb0
Disciples Head Covering DLC Code + 026bbd
Disciples Hood 03b557}
Eyebot Helmet DLC Code + 00864c
Flight Helmet 000e1af8
Gas Mask 000787d8
Gas Mask With Goggles 001184c1
Green Hood 000787ec
Inquisitor's Cowl DLC Code + 0247c5
Lobster Trap Helmet DLC Code + 04fa89
Marine Tactical Helmet DLC Code + 03a557
Mechanist's Helmet DLC Code + 008bc3
Pack Beanie And Crow Mask DLC Code + 02770b
Pack Buffalo Helmet DLC Code + 027707
Pack Carnival Mask DLC Code + 027709
Pack Crow Mask DLC Code + 02770a
Pack Deer Mask DLC Code + 027708
Pack Elephant Helmet DLC Code + 027705
Pack Helmet DLC Code + 027419
Pack Horned Helm DLC Code + 02770e
Pack Jaguar Helmet DLC Code + 027706
Pack Masked Helm DLC Code + 02770c
Pack Moose Helmet DLC Code + 02770f
Red Flight Helmet 0004322c
Sack Hood 0018e417
Sack Hood With Hoses 0018e419
Sack Hood With Straps 0018e41b
Security Helmet 00156c0b
Sentry Bot Helmet DLC Code + 00864e
Spacesuit Costume Helmet DLC Code + 0296b8
Synth Field Helmet 0018796a
Synth Helmet 00187976
Vault-tec Security Helmet 001d8853
Yellow Flight Helmet 00042565
Raider Power Helm 00140c54
T-45 Helm 00154abf
T-51 Helm 00140c4e
T-60 Helm 00140c4a
X-01 Helm 00154ac5
Raider Power Chest Piece 00140c57
T-45 Chest Piece 00154ac2
T-51 Chest Piece 00140c51
T-60 Chest Piece 00140c42
X-01 Torso 00154ac8
Raider Power Left Arm 00140c52
T-45 Left Arm 00154abd
T-51 Left Arm 00140c4c
T-60 Left Arm 00140c3d
X-01 Left Arm 00154ac3
T-45 Right Arm 00154abe
T-51 Right Arm 00140c4d
T-60 Right Arm 00140c45
X-01 Right Arm 00154ac4
Raider Power Left Leg 00140c55
T-45 Left Leg 00154ac0
T-51 Left Leg 00140c4f
T-60 Left Leg 00140c49
X-01 Left Leg 00154ac6
Raider Power Right Leg 00140c56
T-45 Right Leg 00154ac1
T-51 Right Leg 00140c50
X-01 Right Leg 00154ac7
Tesla T-60 Torso DLC Code + 00c57b
Tesla T-60 Left Arm DLC Code + 00c576
Tesla T-60 Right Arm DLC Code + 00c57a
Tessa's Fist 00140c53
Vengeance 00140c3f
Visionary's T-60c Helmet 00effect
Pip-boy Glove 00021b3b
Wedding Ring 0008925c
Shock Collar DLC Code + 029afa
Spiked Muzzle 001c67b3
Dog Helmet 001c67b4
Chain Dog Collar 0018b210
Dog Collar 00034602
Double Dog Collar 001c67b1
Reinforced Dog Collar 001c67b2
Spiked Dog Collar 001c67b0
Dog Armor 001c32c8
Heavy Dog Armor 001c32c7
Light Dog Armor 001b5acc
Super Mutant Aviator Cap 00248fde
Super Mutant Bladed Helmet 00248fdd
Super Mutant Cage Helmet 001b3a1b
Super Mutant Helmet 00248fdc
Super Mutant Chains 00248fe4
Super Mutant Chest Harness 00248fe3
Super Mutant Cowl Armor 00248fd8
Super Mutant Heavy Armor 00248fdb
Super Mutant Light Body Armor 00248fd4
Super Mutant Shoulder Rags 00248fe1
Watcher's Bandage 00179f7a
Super Mutant Arm Guards 00248fd6
Super Mutant Bracers 00248fd9
Super Mutant Heavy Gauntlets 00248fd3
Super Mutant Wrist Wraps 00248fe2
Super Mutant Leg Armor 00248fda
Super Mutant Leg Guards 001b3a05
Super Mutant Waistcloth 001b3a1d
Super Mutant Bearskin Outfit DLC Code + 02e026
Child Uniform 0016bffe
Kid's Baseball Cap 00167a74
Kid's Dress 001561d8
Kid's Pajamas 0015dba6
Kid's Shirt And Jeans 00167a75
Nat's Dress 001833c0
Street Urchin Rags 00167a76
Squire's Uniform 0003fb9f
Vault 81 Jumpsuit 001d5f43