Fallout 4 Weapon Mod Code List

Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Weapon Mod IDs. Weapon mods are attachments like receivers, barrels, grips, magazines, sights (scopes) and muzzles. They can be attached to a weapon to provide extra functionality or improve its stats.

Type the cheat code or name of an item into the search box to instantly filter 297 IDs. For help spawning items using these ID codes, please see our spawn item help page.

Item codes from DLCs start with a different code called a DLC Code. A DLC code is a two digit number that tells the game the DLC an item comes from. It is different for everyone because it's based on the amount and type of DLCs you have installed. If need help finding the DLC code for one of your DLCs, please see our DLC code finder.

Item Name ID Code
10mm Pistol Standard Receiver 001a8a43
Assault Rifle Standard Receiver 001a8a4c
Combat Rifle Standard Receiver 001a8a53
Hunting Rifle Standard Receiver 0015e93b
Pipe Pistol Standard Receiver 001a8a96
Revolver Standard Receiver 001a8a9a
Bolt-action Standard Receiver 001a8a90
10mm Pistol Light Frame Receiver 0015bd70
Assault Rifle Light Frame Receiver 0018895b
Combat Rifle Light Frame Receiver 00185beb
Hunting Rifle Light Frame Receiver 00155036
Pipe Pistol Light Frame Receiver 0015c856
Revolver Light Frame Receiver 0015c89a
Bolt-action Light Frame Receiver 0015c87b
10mm Pistol Heavy Frame Receiver 0015bd6f
Assault Rifle Heavy Frame Receiver 0018895a
Combat Rifle Heavy Frame Receiver 00185bea
Hunting Rifle Heavy Frame Receiver 00155035
Pipe Pistol Heavy Frame Receiver 0015c855
Revolver Heavy Frame Receiver 0015c899
Bolt-action Heavy Frame Receiver 0015c87a
10mm Pistol Calibrated Receiver 0015bd6d
Assault Rifle Calibrated Receiver 00188958
Combat Rifle Calibrated Receiver 00185be8
Hunting Rifle Calibrated Receiver 00155033
Pipe Pistol Calibrated Receiver 0015c853
Revolver Calibrated Receiver 0015c897
Bolt-action Calibrated Receiver 0015c878
10mm Pistol Hardened Receiver 0015e92a
Assault Rifle Hardened Receiver 0018895c
Combat Rifle Hardened Receiver 00185bec
Hunting Rifle Hardened Receiver 00155037
Pipe Pistol Hardened Receiver 0015c857
Revolver Hardened Receiver 0015c89b
Bolt-action Hardened Receiver 0015c87c
10mm Pistol Automatic Receiver 0015e928
Assault Rifle Automatic Receiver 00188952
Combat Rifle Automatic Receiver 00185be2
Pipe Pistol Automatic Receiver 0015c84b
10mm Pistol Armor Piercing Automatic Receiver 0015bd6a
Assault Rifle Armor Piercing Automatic Receiver 00188953
Combat Rifle Armor Piercing Automatic Receiver 00185be3
Pipe Pistol Armor Piercing Automatic Receiver 0015c84c
10mm Pistol Hair Trigger Receiver 0015bd6e
Assault Rifle Hair Trigger Receiver 00188959
Combat Rifle Hair Trigger Receiver 00185be9
Pipe Pistol Hair Trigger Receiver 0015c854
10mm Pistol Powerful Receiver 0015e92b
Assault Rifle Powerful Receiver 0018895d
Combat Rifle Powerful Receiver 00185bed
Hunting Rifle Powerful Receiver 00155038
Pipe Pistol Powerful Receiver 0015c858
Revolver Powerful Receiver 0015c89c
Bolt-action Powerful Receiver 0015c87d
10mm Pistol Hardened Automatic Receiver 0015fa2c
Assault Rifle Hardened Automatic Receiver 00188954
Combat Rifle Hardened Automatic Receiver 00185be4
Pipe Pistol Hardened Automatic Receiver 0015fa2d
10mm Pistol Rapid Automatic Receiver 0015bd69
Assault Rifle Rapid Automatic Receiver 00188955
Combat Rifle Rapid Automatic Receiver 00185be5
Pipe Pistol Rapid Automatic Receiver 0015c84f
10mm Pistol Calibrated Powerful Receiver 00161d09
Assault Rifle Calibrated Powerful Receiver 0018895e
Combat Rifle Calibrated Powerful Receiver 00185bee
Hunting Rifle Calibrated Powerful Receiver 00161d0c
Pipe Pistol Calibrated Powerful Receiver 00161d0d
Revolver Calibrated Powerful Receiver 001916b9
Bolt-action Calibrated Powerful Receiver 001916ac
10mm Pistol Hardened Piercing Auto Receiver 00161d19
Assault Rifle Hardened Piercing Auto Receiver 00188956
Combat Rifle Hardened Piercing Auto Receiver 00185be6
Pipe Pistol Hardened Piercing Auto Receiver 00161d1c
10mm Pistol Advanced Receiver 0015bd67
Assault Rifle Advanced Receiver 00188951
10mm Pistol Powerful Automatic Receiver 0015fa31
Assault Rifle Powerful Automatic Receiver 00188957
Combat Rifle Powerful Automatic Receiver 00185be7
Pipe Pistol Powerful Automatic Receiver 0015c852
Hunting Rifle Tuned Receiver 00155034
Revolver Tuned Receiver 0015c898
Bolt-action Tuned Receiver 0015c879
Pipe Pistol .45 Receiver 0015c849
Combat Rifle .38 Receiver 00210488
Hunting Rifle .38 Receiver 0021048a
Revolver .38 Receiver 0021048e
Bolt-action .38 Receiver 0021048c
Combat Rifle .308 Receiver 00185be1
Revolver .308 Receiver 0015c895
Bolt-action .308 Receiver Standard
Hunting Rifle .50 Receiver 00155031
Bolt-action .50 Receiver 0015c876
Pipe Pistol Stub Barrel 001a8a92
Revolver Stub Barrel 001a8a98
Bolt-action Stub Barrel 001a8a8c
10mm Pistol Short Barrel 001a8a40
Assault Rifle Short Barrel 0018894a
Combat Rifle Short Barrel 00185bfc
Hunting Rifle Short Barrel 001362b0
Pipe Pistol Short Barrel 0015c836
Revolver Short Barrel 0015c888
Bolt-action Short Barrel 0015c863
10mm Pistol Short Light Barrel 000a7684
Combat Rifle Short Light Barrel 00185bfd
Hunting Rifle Short Light Barrel 0015502f
Pipe Pistol Short Light Barrel 0015c837
Revolver Short Light Barrel 0015c889
Bolt-action Short Light Barrel 0015c864
10mm Pistol Long Barrel 0015bd57
Assault Rifle Long Barrel 00188948
Combat Rifle Long Barrel 00185bf9
Hunting Rifle Long Barrel 0015e92e
Pipe Pistol Long Barrel 0015c833
Revolver Long Barrel 0015c885
Bolt-action Long Barrel 0015c860
10mm Pistol Long Light Barrel 0015bd58
Combat Rifle Long Light Barrel 00185bfa
Hunting Rifle Long Light Barrel 0015e92f
Pipe Pistol Long Light Barrel 0015c834
Revolver Long Light Barrel 0015c886
Bolt-action Long Light Barrel 0015c861
Assault Rifle Short Ported Barrel 0018894b
Combat Rifle Short Ported Barrel 00185bfe
Pipe Pistol Short Ported Barrel 001651c4
Revolver Short Ported Barrel 001651c6
Bolt-action Short Ported Barrel 001651c2
10mm Pistol Long Ported Barrel 0015bd5a
Assault Rifle Long Ported Barrel 00188949
Combat Rifle Long Ported Barrel 00185bfb
Hunting Rifle Long Ported Barrel 0015e930
Pipe Pistol Long Ported Barrel 001651c3
Revolver Long Ported Barrel 001651c5
Bolt-action Long Ported Barrel 001651c1
10mm Pistol Long Light Ported Barrel 0015bd59
Pipe Pistol Long Finned Barrel 00027f2e
Revolver Long Finned Barrel 00027f2f
Bolt-action Long Finned Barrel 00027f2d
10mm Pistol Standard Grip 001a8a41
Pipe Pistol Standard Grip 001a8a93
Revolver Standard Grip 001a8a99
Bolt-action Standard Grip 001a8a8d
10mm Pistol Comfort Grip 0015e926
Pipe Pistol Comfort Grip 0015c838
Revolver Comfort Grip 0015c88a
Bolt-action Comfort Grip 0015c865
Pipe Pistol Standard Stock 0015c83b
Revolver Standard Stock 0015c88d
Bolt-action Standard Stock 0015c868
10mm Pistol Sharpshooter's Grip 0015e927
Pipe Pistol Sharpshooter's Grip 0015c839
Revolver Sharpshooter's Grip 0015c88b
Bolt-action Sharpshooter's Grip 0015c866
Assault Rifle Short Stock 0018894e
Combat Rifle Short Stock 00185c02
Hunting Rifle Short Stock 0015e933
Assault Rifle Full Stock 0018894c
Combat Rifle Full Stock 00185bff
Hunting Rifle Full Stock 001362b1
Combat Rifle Marksman's Stock 00185c00
Hunting Rifle Marksman's Stock 0015e931
Pipe Pistol Marksman's Stock 0015c83c
Revolver Marksman's Stock 0015c88e
Bolt-action Marksman's Stock 0015c869
Assault Rifle Recoil Compensating Stock 0018894d
Combat Rifle Recoil Compensating Stock 00185c01
Pipe Pistol Recoil Compensating Stock 0015c83d
Revolver Recoil Compensating Stock 0015c88f
Bolt-action Recoil Compensating Stock 0015c86a
10mm Pistol Standard Magazine 001a8a42
Assault Rifle Standard Magazine 0018897a
Combat Rifle Standard Magazine 00185c05
Hunting Rifle Standard Magazine 001a8a6b
Pipe Pistol Standard Magazine 001a8a94
Hunting Rifle Medium Magazine 001362b5
10mm Pistol Large Magazine 0015bd60
Combat Rifle Large Magazine 00185c03
Hunting Rifle Large Magazine 001362b4
Pipe Pistol Large Magazine 0015c840
10mm Pistol Quick Eject Mag 0015bd63
Assault Rifle Quick Eject Mag 0018897b
Hunting Rifle Quick Eject Mag 001a8a6c
Pipe Pistol Quick Eject Mag 001a8a95
Combat Rifle Medium Quick Eject Mag 00185c06
Hunting Rifle Medium Quick Eject Mag 0015e935
10mm Pistol Large Quick Eject Magazine 0015bd61
Combat Rifle Large Quick Eject Magazine 00185c04
Hunting Rifle Large Quick Eject Magazine 0015e934
Pipe Pistol Large Quick Eject Magazine 0015c841
Assault Rifle Drum Magazine 00188978
Pipe Pistol Drum Magazine 0015c83e
Assault Rifle Quick Eject Drum Mag 00188979
Pipe Pistol Quick Eject Drum Mag 0015c83f
10mm Pistol Standard Sights 001a8a44
Assault Rifle Standard Sights 001a8a4d
Combat Rifle Standard Sights 001a8a54
Hunting Rifle Standard Sights 0015503d
Pipe Pistol Standard Sights 001a8a97
Revolver Standard Sights 001a8a9b
Bolt-action Standard Sights 001a8a91
10mm Pistol Glow Sights 0015bd78
Combat Rifle Glow Sights 00185c08
Hunting Rifle Glow Sights 0015503c
Pipe Pistol Glow Sights 0015c85e
Revolver Glow Sights 0015c8a2
Bolt-action Glow Sights 0015c883
Pipe Pistol Glow Reflex Sight 0022ba9e
Revolver Glow Reflex Sight 0022ba9d
Bolt-action Glow Reflex Sight 0022ba9f
10mm Pistol Reflex Sight (dot) 0015bd76
Assault Rifle Reflex Sight (dot) 00188967
Combat Rifle Reflex Sight (dot) 0018004d
Hunting Rifle Reflex Sight (dot) 0015503b
Pipe Pistol Reflex Sight (dot) 0015c85d
Revolver Reflex Sight (dot) 0015c8a1
Bolt-action Reflex Sight (dot) 0015c882
10mm Pistol Reflex Sight (circle) 0015bd77
Assault Rifle Reflex Sight (circle) 001f425b
Combat Rifle Reflex Sight (circle) 00185bf8
Assault Rifle Short Scope 00188963
Combat Rifle Short Scope 00185bf4
Hunting Rifle Short Scope 0015e940
Pipe Pistol Short Scope 0015c85c
Revolver Short Scope 0015c8a0
Bolt-action Short Scope 0015c881
Assault Rifle Medium Scope 00188961
Combat Rifle Medium Scope 00185bf2
Hunting Rifle Medium Scope 0015e93e
Pipe Pistol Medium Scope 0015c85b
Revolver Medium Scope 0015c89f
Bolt-action Medium Scope 0015c880
Assault Rifle Long Scope 0018895f
Combat Rifle Long Scope 00185bf0
Hunting Rifle Long Scope 0015e93c
Pipe Pistol Long Scope 001916b3
Revolver Long Scope 001916ba
Bolt-action Long Scope 001916ad
Assault Rifle Short Night Vision Scope 00188964
Combat Rifle Short Night Vision Scope 00185bf5
Hunting Rifle Short Night Vision Scope 0015e941
Pipe Pistol Short Night Vision Scope 001916b6
Revolver Short Night Vision Scope 001916bd
Bolt-action Short Night Vision Scope 001916b0
Assault Rifle Medium Night Vision Scope 00188962
Combat Rifle Medium Night Vision Scope 00185bf3
Hunting Rifle Medium Night Vision Scope 0015e93f
Pipe Pistol Medium Night Vision Scope 001916b5
Revolver Medium Night Vision Scope 001916bc
Bolt-action Medium Night Vision Scope 001916af
Assault Rifle Long Night Vision Scope 00188960
Combat Rifle Long Night Vision Scope 00185bf1
Hunting Rifle Long Night Vision Scope 0015e93d
Pipe Pistol Long Night Vision Scope 001916b4
Revolver Long Night Vision Scope 001916bb
Bolt-action Long Night Vision Scope 001916ae
10mm Pistol Recon Scope 00184c58
Assault Rifle Short Recon Scope 002492d6
Combat Rifle Short Recon Scope 002492d7
Hunting Rifle Short Recon Scope 002492da
Pipe Pistol Short Recon Scope 002492df
Revolver Short Recon Scope 002492e0
Bolt-action Short Recon Scope 002492de
Assault Rifle Long Recon Scope 00188966
Combat Rifle Long Recon Scope 00185bf7
Hunting Rifle Long Recon Scope 0015503a
Pipe Pistol Long Recon Scope 001916b8
Revolver Long Recon Scope 001916bf
Bolt-action Long Recon Scope 001916b2
Hunting Rifle Bayonet 0015e937
Pipe Pistol Small Bayonet 0015c845
Revolver Small Bayonet 0015c891
Bolt-action Small Bayonet 0015c872
Combat Rifle Large Bayonet 00185bdc
Pipe Pistol Large Bayonet 0015c844
Revolver Large Bayonet 0015c890
Bolt-action Large Bayonet 0015c871
10mm Pistol Compensator 0015bd64
Assault Rifle Compensator 0018894f
Combat Rifle Compensator 00185bde
Hunting Rifle Compensator 0015e938
Pipe Pistol Compensator 0015c846
Revolver Compensator 0015c892
Bolt-action Compensator 0015c873
10mm Pistol Muzzle Brake 0015bd65
Assault Rifle Muzzle Brake 001916a1
Combat Rifle Muzzle Brake 00185bdf
Hunting Rifle Muzzle Brake 0015e939
Pipe Pistol Muzzle Brake 0015c847
Revolver Muzzle Brake 0015c893
Bolt-action Muzzle Brake 0015c874
10mm Pistol Suppressor 0015bd66
Assault Rifle Suppressor 00188950
Combat Rifle Suppressor 00185be0
Hunting Rifle Suppressor 0015e93a
Pipe Pistol Suppressor 0015c848
Revolver Suppressor 0015c894
Bolt-action Suppressor 0015c875