Fallout 4 Consumable Code List

Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Consumable IDs. Consumable items are items that can be consumed to heal you, cure you and reduce radiation. Items in this category include food, drugs, meat and other items that your character can consume.

Type the cheat code or name of an item into the search box to instantly filter 289 IDs. For help spawning items using these ID codes, please see our spawn item help page.

Item codes from DLCs start with a different code called a DLC Code. A DLC code is a two digit number that tells the game the DLC an item comes from. It is different for everyone because it's based on the amount and type of DLCs you have installed. If need help finding the DLC code for one of your DLCs, please see our DLC code finder.

Item Name ID Code
Angler Meat DLC Code + 01c714
Ant Meat DLC Code + 0138ee
Ash Blossom 001f24b6
Aster DLC Code + 013384
Baked Bloatfly 0004a151
Black Bloodleaf DLC Code + 01b189
Blamco Brand Mac And Cheese 0002fbe4
Blight DLC Code + 044042
Bloatfly Meat 000330f4
Bloodbug Meat 00074d0d
Bloodbug Steak 0004693f
Bloodleaf 001c25ee
Bloodworm Meat DLC Code + 0138c3
Brahmin Meat 0004a13f
Brain Fungus 001c0fc2
Bubblegum 000330f6
Canned Dog Food 000bea58
Carrot 000f742e
Carrot Flower 001c4013
Cat Meat 000939b8
Cave Cricket Gland DLC Code + 026189
Cave Cricket Meat DLC Code + 0138c4
Chicken Noodle Soup DLC Code + 05715b
Chicken Thigh DLC Code + 056a4a
Cooked Softshell Meat 00046942
Corn 000330f8
Cotton Candy Bites DLC Code + 02689a
Cram 000330ee
Crispy Cave Cricket DLC Code + 04cbbd
Crispy Squirrel Bits 000330fa
Dandy Boy Apples 0002fbf7
Deathclaw Egg 00046939
Deathclaw Egg Omelette 0004693c
Deathclaw Meat 00074d0e
Deathclaw Steak 00101293
Deathclaw Wellingham 001a71e7
Experimental Plant 001ee1ff
Fancy Lads Snack Cakes 000330b4
Fever Blossom DLC Code + 01cd24
Food Paste 00047648
Fresh Carrot 001994aa
Fresh Corn 001994a9
Fresh Melon 001994ab
Fresh Mutfruit 001847b6
Fried Fog Crawler DLC Code + 048401
Funnel Cake DLC Code + 02689b
Gatorclaw Meat DLC Code + 04aa17
Gatorclaw Steak DLC Code + 04aa1c
Gazelle Meat DLC Code + 04b419
Gazelle Steak DLC Code + 04cbb9
Ghoulrilla Meat DLC Code + 0518d3
Glowing Fungus 001c0fc3
Gourd 000ef24d
Gourd Blossom 001c4011
Grilled Nukalurk DLC Code + 04aa1d
Grilled Queen Nukalurk DLC Code + 04aa24
Grilled Radroach 0019797d
Grilled Hermit Crab DLC Code + 04ba12
Grilled Radstag 00046952
Ground Mole Rat 0004a3b8
Gulper Innards DLC Code + 04d2e7
Gulper Slurry DLC Code + 04d2e8
Gum Drops 000330fc
Happy Birthday Sweet Roll 001d33d2
Hermit Crab Meat DLC Code + 04ba11
Hubflower 001c3fdc
Iguana Bits 000330fd
Iguana On A Stick 000330fe
Iguana Soup 00102157
Instamash 000366b9
Institute Food Packet 0021681e
Lure Weed DLC Code + 044043
Melon 000fafeb
Melon Blossom 001c4010
Mirelurk Cake 0004a152
Mirelurk Egg 0023e9d4
Mirelurk Egg Omelette 0004693e
Mirelurk Jerky DLC Code + 032c2e
Mirelurk Meat 000330ff
Mirelurk Queen Steak 0021c00c
Moldy Food 001a6397
Mole Rat Chunks 00046943
Mole Rat Meat 00033101
Mongrel Dog Meat 000330fb
Mutant Hound Chops 0021188e
Mutant Hound Meat 00146156
Mutated Fern Flower 000e34e9
Mutfruit 00033102
Mutt Chops 00046940
Mystery Bacon DLC Code + 042ca6
Mystery Jerky DLC Code + 042ca1
Noodle Cup 00017c73
Nukalurk Meat DLC Code + 04aa1e
Perfectly Preserved Pie 001a6396
Poached Angler DLC Code + 01c717
Pork N' Beans 000330f0
Potato Crisps 000330f1
Potted Meat 0016d8c8
Preserved Instamash 000e377a
Pristine Deathclaw Egg 00134c68
Queen Mirelurk Meat 0020d3de
Queen Nukalurk Meat DLC Code + 04aa23
Rabbit Leg DLC Code + 056a49
Rad-rat Meat DLC Code + 0138f7
Rad-rat Steak DLC Code + 04c0e3
Radroach Meat 00033106
Radscorpion Egg 0004693b
Radscorpion Egg Omelette 0004693d
Radscorpion Meat 00074d10
Radscorpion Steak 00046950
Radstag Meat 0004a14f
Radstag Stew 0004696a
Raw Fog Crawler Meat DLC Code + 01c710
Raw Sap DLC Code + 04e773
Razorgrain 000e0043
Ribeye Steak 0004695a
Roasted Ant DLC Code + 04cbbc
Roasted Bloodworm DLC Code + 04cbbf
Roasted Mirelurk Meat 00046941
Salisbury Steak 000366ba
Seasoned Rabbit Skewers DLC Code + 027158
Silt Bean 001be2ab
Slocum's Buzzbites 0006352f
Softshell Mirelurk Meat 00033100
Squirrel Bits 000366bc
Squirrel On A Stick 000366bb
Squirrel Stew 00036927
Stingwing Filet 00046945
Stingwing Meat 00074d0f
Sugar Bombs 000330f2
Sweet Roll 000366be
Synthetic Gorilla Meat 0016ca4f
Tarberry 000d981d
Tasty Deathclaw Omelette 001b5cc4
Tato 0009dcc4
Tato Flower 001c400d
The Captain's Feast DLC Code + 00f11d
Thistle 0009f24b
Vegetable Soup 0004a3b9
Wild Corn 001c4012
Wild Mutfruit 001c400e
Wild Razorgrain 001c400f
Wild Tarberry 0006654f
Wolf Meat DLC Code + 0140f9
Wolf Ribs DLC Code + 048400
Yao Guai Meat 00047660
Yao Guai Ribs 00046955
Yao Guai Roast 0004696d
Yum Yum Deviled Eggs 000366bd
Beer 0011ea93
Blood Pack 00052409
Bobrov's Best Moonshine 00050c28
Bourbon 000366c4
Deezer's Lemonade 000e9284
Dirty Wastelander 00101295
Dirty Water 000366bf
Drugged Water 000a4944
Glowing Blood Pack 00058ab4
Gwinnett Ale 000f932c
Gwinnett Brew 000f932d
Gwinnett Lager 000f932b
Gwinnett Pale 000f9329
Gwinnett Pilsner 000f932a
Gwinnett Stout 00022792
Ice Cold Beer 00178b1d
Ice Cold Gwinnett Ale 00178b17
Ice Cold Gwinnett Brew 00178b18
Ice Cold Gwinnett Lager 00178b19
Ice Cold Gwinnett Pale 00178b1a
Ice Cold Gwinnett Pilsner 00178b1b
Ice Cold Gwinnett Stout 00178b1c
Ice Cold Newka-cola DLC Code + 0052af
Ice Cold Nuka-berry DLC Code + 0502a9
Ice Cold Nuka-bombdrop DLC Code + 0502ac
Ice Cold Nuka-buzz DLC Code + 0502b2
Ice Cold Nuka-cherry 00178b24
Ice Cold Nuka-cide DLC Code + 0502b4
Ice Cold Nuka-cola 00178b23
Ice Cold Nuka-cola Dark DLC Code + 02ade9
Ice Cold Nuka-cola Orange DLC Code + 02edad
Ice Cold Nuka-cola Quantum 00178b25
Ice Cold Nuka-cola Quartz DLC Code + 02edaf
Ice Cold Nuka-cola Victory DLC Code + 02edb0
Ice Cold Nuka-cola Wild DLC Code + 02edb1
Ice Cold Nuka-fancy DLC Code + 0502b7
Ice Cold Nuka-free DLC Code + 0502ba
Ice Cold Nuka-frutti DLC Code + 0502bd
Ice Cold Nuka-grape DLC Code + 02edab
Ice Cold Nuka-hearty DLC Code + 0502c0
Ice Cold Nuka-lixir DLC Code + 0502c3
Ice Cold Nuka-love DLC Code + 0502c6
Ice Cold Nuka-power DLC Code + 0502c9
Ice Cold Nuka-punch DLC Code + 0502cc
Ice Cold Nuka-ray DLC Code + 0502cf
Ice Cold Nuka-rush DLC Code + 0502d2
Ice Cold Nuka-sunrise DLC Code + 0502d8
Ice Cold Nuka-twin DLC Code + 0502db
Ice Cold Nuka-void DLC Code + 0502de
Ice Cold Nuka-xtreme DLC Code + 0502e1
Ice Cold Vim DLC Code + 054281
Ice Cold Vim Captain's Blend DLC Code + 054282
Ice Cold Vim Quartz DLC Code + 054284
Ice Cold Vim Refresh DLC Code + 054286
Institute Bottled Water 0021681d
Irradiated Blood 000e2f68
Newka-cola DLC Code + 030eff
Nuka-berry DLC Code + 030efd
Nuka-bombdrop DLC Code + 03b8b4
Nuka-buzz DLC Code + 030f02
Nuka-cherry 00048360
Nuka-cide DLC Code + 030ef6
Nuka-cola 0004835d
Nuka-cola Dark DLC Code + 024536
Nuka-cola Orange DLC Code + 02453a
Nuka-cola Quantum 0004835f
Nuka-cola Quartz DLC Code + 024538
Nuka-cola Victory DLC Code + 024544
Nuka-cola Wild DLC Code + 02453d
Nuka-cooler DLC Code + 030efa
Nuka-fancy DLC Code + 030f01
Nuka-free DLC Code + 042c39
Nuka-frutti DLC Code + 03b8b3
Nuka-grape DLC Code + 024534
Nuka-hearty DLC Code + 042c3d
Nuka-lixir DLC Code + 042c41
Nuka-love DLC Code + 030efc
Nuka-power DLC Code + 030efe
Nuka-punch DLC Code + 030ef7
Nuka-ray DLC Code + 03b8b2
Nuka-rush DLC Code + 030ef8
Nuka-sunrise DLC Code + 042c43
Nuka-twin DLC Code + 030f00
Nuka-void DLC Code + 030efb
Nuka-xtreme DLC Code + 030ef9
Poisoned Wine 001ad736
Purified Water 000366c0
Refreshing Beverage 00058ab8
Rum 00145857
Vim DLC Code + 008833
Vim Captain's Blend DLC Code + 0088a6
Vim Quartz DLC Code + 0088a8
Vim Refresh DLC Code + 0088aa
Vodka 000366c3
Ware's Brew DLC Code + 02b5d4 (cons.) xx043477 (item)
Whiskey 000366c1
Wine 000366c2
Addictol 000459c5
Agile Sludgepak DLC Code + 048bd4
Antibiotics 000008ab 00249f2c
Berry Mentats 000518bb
Buffjet 00058aa3
Buffout 00033778
Bufftats 00058aa5
Calmex 00058aa7
Daddy-o 00156d0b
Day Tripper 00150729
Durable Sludgepak DLC Code + 04b4bb
Fire Belly DLC Code + 04b5fa
Fury 000628ca
Grape Mentats 0010129a
Herbal Anodyne 00249f8e
Herbal Antimicrobial 00249f8f
Herbal Stimulant 00249f8d
Jet 000366c5
Jet Fuel 000518d0
Med-x 00033779
Mentats 0003377b
Mysterious Serum 000ec4f7
Orange Mentats 000518c5
Overdrive 00058aad
Psycho 0003377d
Psycho Jet 00058aa8
Psychobuff 00058aac
Psychotats 00058aaa
Rad-x 00024057
Radaway 00023742
Resilient Sludge Cocktail DLC Code + 054452
Skeeto Spit 00058abc
Smooth Operator DLC Code + 023e61
Stimpak 00023736
Strong Sludge Cocktail DLC Code + 04b4b5
Ultra Jet 00101299
Vault 81 Cure 00055f10
X-111 Compound 0007238f
X-cell 001506f4
Railroad Stealth Boy 001b5b28
Robot Repair Kit 00004f12
Stealth Boy 0004f4a6