Fallout 4 Miscellaneous Code List

Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Miscellaneous IDs. Miscellaneous items are items that are not specific-enough to have their own category.

Type the cheat code or name of an item into the search box to instantly filter 92 IDs. For help spawning items using these ID codes, please see our spawn item help page.

Item codes from DLCs start with a different code called a DLC Code. A DLC code is a two digit number that tells the game the DLC an item comes from. It is different for everyone because it's based on the amount and type of DLCs you have installed. If need help finding the DLC code for one of your DLCs, please see our DLC code finder.

Item Name ID Code
Beryllium Agitator 0009a5d1
Carrington's Prototype 000754e4
Courser Chip 0006d0e8
Cybernetic Brain Augmenter 0009bc6e
Explosive Charge 00148b85
Experimental Serum 000b254d
Fll3 Turbopump Bearings 0009139f
Flux Sensor 000c30de
Fusion Pulse Charge 00059acd
Green Paint 0001d95c
Haptic Drive 000c30df
Marowski Heist Photo 0008a1fb
Mass Fusion Executive Id 0014fd7d
Mila 000b9767
Map To Compound 000e92a3
Modified Seeds 000986c8
Nx-42 Guidance Chip 0004e3a2
Prevent 0004e700
Reactor Coolant 0017be8b
Reflex Capacitor 000c30e0
Sabotaged Turbopump Bearings 00096e9f
San Francisco Sunlights 0014586c
Silver Shroud Calling Card 000ded2a
Silver Shroud Costume 0014e58b
Silver Submachine Gun Prop 0008bb31
Technical Document 0017cc5a
Tissue Sample 000eb2b0
U-238 00099ce7
Viable Blood Sample 0019fcf5
Warhead 00022264
Wilson Atomatoys Id Card 0002a6ff
Bobby Pin 0000000a
Bobby Pin Box 0008fca8
Book Return Token 0010dee5
Bottlecap 0000000f
Burnt Book 0015799c
Burnt Fashion Magazine 001956a0
Burnt Grognak Comic 00132977
Burnt Lifestyle Magazine 0019569f
Burnt Manta-man Comic 00132974
Burnt Textbook 0015799e
Burnt Trade Magazine 0019569e
Burnt Unstoppables Comic 00132979
Buttercup Toy‎‎ 000873bf
Cybernetic Limb Actuator 0009bc6f
Cybernetic Pain Inhibitor 0009bc70
Delivered Boston Bugle 0014dd94
Eyebot Model 001f59b5
Folder 00140af0
Lab Scale 00101ae2
Mr. Gutsy Model 0022cb6e
Mr. Handy Model 0022cb6b
Napkin 00027f90
Overdue Book 000fe257
Protectron Model 0022cb6a
Robot Parts Model 0022cb6c 0022cb6d 0022cb6f
Ruined Book 001f932c 001f932d
Sentry Bot Model 001f2d2d
Stingwing Barb 000628ef
Subway Token 00059aea
Vault-tec Lunchbox 001e55e5
Burnt Technical Manual DLC Code + 00841f
Eyebot Pod Schematics DLC Code + 0109bc
Jezebel's Head DLC Code + 008ad4
Radar Beacon DLC Code + 000883
Robot Workbench Schematics 0000254a xx01133d
Spotlight Schematics DLC Code + 0109bb
Avery's Locket DLC Code + 01c702
Avery's Skull DLC Code + 01c704
Banner Piece DLC Code + 026e30 xx026e31 xx026e33 xx026e2f
Campground Banner DLC Code + 026e38
Data DLC Code + 01e3f7
Fog Condenser Component DLC Code + 0463b7
Industrial-grade Fuse DLC Code + 034dfb
Mirelurk Carapace DLC Code + 020569
Missing Synth's Head DLC Code + 0180d8
Mother Icon DLC Code + 00aff6
Power Tools DLC Code + 00aaf6
Pump Regulator DLC Code + 02b5d9
Storage Drive DLC Code + 04e1cf
Vault 118 Jumpsuit DLC Code + 043b0a
Atomic Roller Ball DLC Code + 019987
Drink Orders DLC Code + 043b93
Grandchester Mansion Ticket DLC Code + 022dc0
Nuka-cade Ticket DLC Code + 019988
Nuka-cade Token DLC Code + 01998a
Nuka-cola Formula DLC Code + 04f646
Nuka-cola Lunchbox DLC Code + 043a96
Park Medallion see article
Power Distributor DLC Code + 044f09
Star Core DLC Code + 01e367