Fallout 4 Robot Mods Code List

Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Robot Mods IDs. Robot Mods are generally only available in the Automatron DLC. They are modifications that can be applied to robots.

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Item Name ID Code
M-sat DLC Code + 00b7ec
Galactron Space Head Nuka-world_(add-on) DLC Code + 001a27
Assaultron Head DLC Code + 001a23
Assaultron Head Laser DLC Code + 001a25
Space Sentry Head Nuka-world_(add-on) DLC Code + 001a2b
Sentry Factory Head DLC Code + 001a2d
Robobrain Head DLC Code + 001ce3
Jezebel's Head DLC Code + 0008c6
Sentry Torso DLC Code + 001a5f
Hacking Module DLC Code + 011380
Lockpick Module DLC Code + 011382
Sensor Array DLC Code + 0012aa
Recon Sensors DLC Code + 00124f
Radiation Coils DLC Code + 0012ae
Stealth Field DLC Code + 0012a8
Tesla Coils DLC Code + 0012b0
Resistance Field DLC Code + 0012a6
Regeneration Field DLC Code + 0012ac
Sentry Bot Arm DLC Code + 002d4b
Nuka-mascot Legs Nuka-world_(add-on) DLC Code + 001a31
Space Sentry Legs Nuka-world_(add-on) DLC Code + 001a3b