Fallout 4 Automatron Code List

Find below a list of all item codes from the Automatron DLC (add-on) in Fallout 4. The Automatron DLC is the first of Fallout 4's 6 add-ons. It adds lots of content including new characters, items, armor and adds a lot of robot-related features.

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Item Name ID Code
Robot Chest Piece DLC Code + 00863f
Robot Left Arm DLC Code + 008644
Robot Right Arm DLC Code + 008642
Robot Left Leg DLC Code + 008648
Robot Right Leg DLC Code + 008646
Assaultron Helmet DLC Code + 00864a
Eyebot Helmet DLC Code + 00864c
Mechanist's Helmet DLC Code + 008bc3
Sentry Bot Helmet DLC Code + 00864e
Tesla T-60 Torso DLC Code + 00c57b
Tesla T-60 Left Arm DLC Code + 00c576
Tesla T-60 Right Arm DLC Code + 00c57a
Mechanist's Armor DLC Code + 008bc1
Salvaged Assaultron Head DLC Code + 0100b7
Tesla Rifle DLC Code + 003e07
Assaultron Blade DLC Code + 008b8e
Mr. Handy Buzz Blade DLC Code + 0020f8
Automatron DLC Code + 007b20
Chief Scientist's Holotape DLC Code + 008b44
Drawing Of The Mechanist DLC Code + 00417b
Facilities Director's Holotape DLC Code + 008b43
Jackson's Holotape DLC Code + 010134
Jezebel Interview DLC Code + 011070
The Last Straw DLC Code + 00a2d3
Lead Engineer's Holotape DLC Code + 008b42
Mechanist Holotape DLC Code + 010a56 xx010a57 xx010a58
Mechanist's Log DLC Code + 009fe1
Scavenger's Journal DLC Code + 0109d2
Work Order 09-241 DLC Code + 008b62
Zoe's Diary DLC Code + 0009d3
Forfeiture Terminal Password Dlc01_lair_forfeiturepassword) DLC Code + 00feac
Medical Terminal Password Dlc01_lair_robomedpassword) DLC Code + 00d5e0
Rb-2851 Master Control Password Dlc01laircc_mastercontrolpassword) DLC Code + 001d29
Robco Sales & Service Center Key Dlc01lair_robcosalesandservicekey) DLC Code + 008b66
Burnt Technical Manual DLC Code + 00841f
Eyebot Pod Schematics DLC Code + 0109bc
Jezebel's Head DLC Code + 008ad4
Radar Beacon DLC Code + 000883
Spotlight Schematics DLC Code + 0109bb
M-sat DLC Code + 00b7ec
Assaultron Head DLC Code + 001a23
Assaultron Head Laser DLC Code + 001a25
Sentry Factory Head DLC Code + 001a2d
Robobrain Head DLC Code + 001ce3
Jezebel's Head DLC Code + 0008c6
Sentry Torso DLC Code + 001a5f
Hacking Module DLC Code + 011380
Lockpick Module DLC Code + 011382
Sensor Array DLC Code + 0012aa
Recon Sensors DLC Code + 00124f
Radiation Coils DLC Code + 0012ae
Stealth Field DLC Code + 0012a8
Tesla Coils DLC Code + 0012b0
Resistance Field DLC Code + 0012a6
Regeneration Field DLC Code + 0012ac
Sentry Bot Arm DLC Code + 002d4b