Fallout 4 Note and Holodisk Code List

Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Note and Holodisk IDs. Notes and Holodisks are useful items that provide further information about objects, items, locations, etc.

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Item Name ID Code
4n1m4l's Test Logs 0019ac71
A Toast 001abfb9
Advanced System Notes 001cfb60
Advanced System Notes 001cfb61
Arlen's Manifesto 000bd77a
Atomic Command 0006167b
Augusta Report 00189b38
Augusta Station Last Update 000b1f58
Baker's Holotape 0001d394
Battlefield Holotape 000b1dbc
Bedford Station Recording 000d84d6
Bioscience Systems Access 000787a7
Blackbird Report 00189b3a
Bonnie's Holotape 00225d7b
Boston Shelter - Guard Update 0006a32d
Boston Shelter - Mayor's Goodbye 0006a323
Boston Shelter - Where Are You? 0006a330
Brian Virgil Personal Log 0176 000a005e
C.i.t. Recon Report 001d15f8
Captain Dunleavy's Holotape 001bf709
Carl's Log 00111820
Cats Poetry Night Tape 1 000cf69e
Cats Poetry Night Tape 2 000d00a2
Cats Poetry Night Tape 3 000d00aa
Chief Engineer's Log 0002225f
Combat Sentry Proto Mk Iv Holotape 0010b9e3
Control Subject's Recording 1/3 0019d2ec
Control Subject's Recording 2/3 0019d2f0
Control Subject's Recording 3/3 0019d2f1
Courser Chip Data 0008575b
Cruz's Holotape 001a7119
David's Holotape 0019229d
Dear Detective 1 0018ba35
Dear Detective 2 0018ba37
Dear Detective 3 0018ba36
Dear Detective 4 0018ba40
Det. Mcdonnell's Holotape 001a7772
Det. Perry's Holotape 001a7773
Director's Recording #52 001cfb63
Director's Recording #108 001cfb64
Discarded Arcjet Worklog 001bf70b
Dunwich - Hugo's Struggle 0013bf25
Dunwich - Management 0014088d
Dunwich - Tim Shoots 00140885
Eddie Winter Holotape 0 000ebe77
Eddie Winter Holotape 1 000ebe78
Eddie Winter Holotape 2 000ebe79
Eddie Winter Holotape 3 000ebe7a
Eddie Winter Holotape 4 000ebe7b
Eddie Winter Holotape 5 000ebe7c
Eddie Winter Holotape 6 000ebe7d
Eddie Winter Holotape 7 000ebe7e
Eddie Winter Holotape 8 000ebe7f
Eddie Winter Holotape 9 000d4d93
Edwin's Journal 0017b487
Emma's Holotape 0016277b
Employee 011985tp Personal Log 0018f163
Encrypted Message Holotape 0020b00e
Fev Research Notes 001cfb5e
Fev Research Notes 001cfb5f
Find The Silver Shroud 000456fc
Fugitives' Holotape 000668d2
Goodbye From H2-22 000a8c1e
Griswold's Poetry Collection 0010fd23
Grognak & The Ruby Ruins 000727fa
Groundskeeper's Log 0021c986
Gwinnett Ale Brewing Subroutines 00178b20
Gwinnett Brew Recipe 00178b1e
Gwinnett Lager Recipe 00178b1f
Gwinnett Pils Recipe 00178b21
Gwinnett Stout Recipe 00178b22
Hadrian's Invitation 0011181b
Hammer's Holotape 00113993
Hi Honey! 0004f629
Hobby Club Message Apr21 0016fe34
Hobby Club Message Mar15 0016fe32
Hobby Club Message Mar28 0016fe33
Implant Update Session #7 001cfb62
Initiate Clarke's Log 00166aa6
Institute Relay Targeting Sequence 0017e1bf
Jack Rockford's Log 0005a7cf
Jacq's Holotape 0008c418
Jake's Holotape 0002da0c
Join The Railroad 000c45e7
Josh's Holotape 0016277a
Ken's Invitation 00111823
Knight Astlin's Holotape 000b1dbd
Knight Lucia's Log 00166a6d
Knight-captain Cade's Report 001b447d
Ladies Auxiliary Tape 10 0019d2e3
Ladies Auxiliary Tape 5 0019d2e9
Ladies Auxiliary Tape 8 0019d2e8
Log - Ssg Michael Daly 00056dd6
Marc's Warning 000bd786
Marlene's Holotape 00118adc
Marty Bullfinch's Holotape 00147d52
Maxson Was Right 001d15f7
Message Machine Holotape 00168178
Message To Jack 000727f2
Network Scanner 00136331
Operation Winter's End 000d4d8e
Oslow's Office Recording 001bf70a
P.a.m. Decryption Program 0014a0e8
Paladin Brandis' Holotape 000b1dbf
Paladin Danse Final Entry 001d83a8
Personal Log - 142 001d15f9
Pipfall 00072802
Pledge Initiation Instructions 001a5861
Private Hart's Holotape 001685dd
Private Murnahan's Holotape 001bf708
Property Of R. Burton 0001f986
Protectron Override Program 001680e3
Quinlan To Be Deleted 001b447e
Randolph Station Update #1 001846c4
Randolph Station Update #2 001846c5
Randolph Station Update #3 001846c6
Randolph Station Update #4 001846c7
Randolph Station Update #5 001846c8
Randolph Station Update #6 001846c9
Red Menace 000e5082
Robco Defragmenter 000e5081
Runaway's Holotape 00107798
Ryder's Holotape 001a711a
Sal's Holotape 000e9bc3
School Announcements Oct 18th 0014504b
School Announcements Oct 20th 0014505b
School Announcements Oct 22nd 00145061
Scribe Faris' Holotape 000b1dbe
Scribe Haylen's Personal Log 001b447f
Sentinel Site Blast Door Override 0014ccc7
Sergeant Lee's Holotape 001685de
Sgt. Reise's Holotape 001a7771
Shaun's Holotape 00172349
Shaun's Holotape 001ac2a3
Sheila's Holotape 000f739f
Silver Shroud Script 001b8ff9
Skylanes Flight 1665 Final Transmission 0018fa25
Skylanes Flight 1981 Recording 000cab91
Spotlight Override Program 001128bc
Stockton's Holotape 00112ef8
Subject 12 Baseline 000f36e8
Subject 12 Debrief 000f36ea
Subject 12 Testing 000f36e9
Sully's Journal 0010905c
Sylvia's Holotape 0008c40b
Technician's Personal Log 0020a222
Tessa's Holotape 0001d395
The Bugle Repertoire 00123867
The Great Division 001a8e5c
The New Squirrel - Tape 1 001ac522
The New Squirrel - Tape 2 001ac524
The New Squirrel - Tape 3 001ac523
The Treasures Of Jamaica Plain 00144ecd
To Claire 000f3eac
Treasures Inventory 00144ece
Turret Override Program 00108b55
Turret_override.exe 00106e96
University Point Council Meeting 0008c40a
V. 114 Interview #03 00063505
V. 114 Interview #21 00063532
V. 114 Interview #87 00063533
We Are Done 000d4d8f
Welcome Home! 000d4d90
Wes' Holotape 001a711b
Wicked Business 000f75fd
Your New Assignment 001d15f6
Zeta Invaders 00072803
Acquiring P.a.m. 0024800f
Announcement Script 0015e9ad
Arlen's Note 00118b06
Associate's Note 000cf6c5
Atom Cats Custom Paint Job 0023c675
Bakery Ticket #1 000e7b28
Bakery Ticket #2 000e7b2a
Bakery Ticket #3 000e7b2b
Bakery Ticket #4 000e7b2c
Bakery Ticket #5 000e7b2d
Bakery Ticket #6 000e7b2e
Bakery Ticket #7 000e7b2f
Bakery Ticket #8 000e7b30
Bakery Ticket #9 000e7b56
Bakery Ticket #10 000e7b57
Barney's Password 002301d1
Bathroom Note #1 00162a81
Bathroom Note #2 00162a84
Bergman's Password 0015b0ba
Bill's Letter 0011a0dc
Blood Contract 000ac5b1
Blueprints 000ed65d
Bottle Message - Difficult To Kill 001da060
Bottle Message - Need A Hand 001da058
Bottle Message - Not Going Well 001da050
Bottle Message - Predator Becomes Prey 001da045
Bottle Message - Trapped For Days 001da03b
Bottle Message - X Marks The Spot 001da063
Breakroom Note #1 00162a89
Breakroom Note #2 00162a8b
Buttercup Sales 00118bdc
Caravan Details 000eecb4
Cargo Handler's Note 000d8561
Cooke's Note 00044279
Covenant Reminder 000e92a4
Deacon's Recall Code 000f78b8
Dead Drop Note 0019ede1
Diary Page 000482e0
Director Blank 000284e4
Don't Worry, Sis 001beade
Dr. Forsythe's Note 001488ff
Dr. Virgil's File 00216215
Dutchman's Instructions 0003e055
Earl Sterling Case Notes 0001cad1
Eddie Winter Case Notes 00184409
Eleanor's Note 001e1f46
Electromagnetic Actuators List 0002b4df
Esplanade Mission Brief 001add21
Evacuation Plan 0018f165
Experiment Log J-32, Day 1 0001b201
Experiment Log J-32, Day 6 0001b202
Experiment Log J-32, Day 14 0001b203
Experiment Log J-32, Day 21 0001b204
Fear Not 001ed4f9
Fear The Future? 0021c981
Federal Ration Stockpile Password 000ec357
Feral Ghouls In (location) 00141ea4
Fishing Tournament Ad 0001ac10
Food For The Grasshopper 00147d58
Four Leaf Fishpacking Security Password 000f9338
Friends Of The Lake Mission Log 000f73a0
From Lucia 00166a6e
Goodbye Letter 001a67d6
Greenetech Terminal Password 0006d0e2
Gruel's List 0016adb3
Gunner's Note 000fff82
Gunner's Note 0002b4bf
Hallucigen Mission Brief 000fff81
Helena's Instructions 0003e054
Help Wanted! 001c6109
Henri's Instructions 00065320
Holotape Instructions 00144e70
Intervention Note 00047647
Items Needed - Reflector Platform 001a7bb8
Items Needed - Reflector Platform 00156049
Items Needed - Reflector Platform 00069012
Items Needed - Signal Interceptor 00156048
Jacq's Note 0008e59f
Jamaica Plain Flyer 00111816
Journal Scrap 00061b0f
Junkie's Note 0002b4c0
Last Entry 000fa753
Legal Notice 0019ede3
Letter From Phyllis - Compassion Note 001d5cdf
Letter From Phyllis - Compassion Son Note 001d5ce0
Letter From Phyllis - Just Move On Note 001d5cde
Letter From Phyllis - Minutemen Note 001d5cdc
Letter From Phyllis - Railroad Note 001d5cdb
Letter From Phyllis - Tough Love Note 001d5cdd
Lorenzo Cabot's Journal 001d907b
Macbeth Script 000f61eb
Mama Murphy's Note 001ee930
Margaret's Note 001a5854
Moving Forward 000a93d0
Ness' Lead 0006858b
Note From Blackbird 000b26eb
Note From Brother Hoberman 0019cbae
Note From Eric 000e523b
Note To Tweez 001a7697
Notice To Slocum's Joe 001ccf69
Notice To Wrvr 001cc1c2
Office Duties 00191670
Office Note 0002bd3b
Orders 001e80aa
Park Sign In 00055e6a
Patriot's Suicide Letter 001506e1
Penny's Ledger 000e92a8
Phyllis's Note 001d5ce6
Pickman's A Psycho! cut 000727f0
Pickman's Calling Card 00152ae6
Pickman's Calling Card 00030050
Pickman's Thank You Note 0015076c
Pillars Of The Community Flier 00052502
Power Armor Frame 0021a6a4
Power Armor Frame 001f4265
Power Armor Frame 00218c51
Power Armor Frame 00218c4d
Priority Kill Orders 0014a0e6
Quincy Survivor's Note 001f22ef
Racetrack Advertisement 001c6108
Raider Report 000ed4ca
Raider's Advice 001ad774
Raider's Note 0002b4be
Raiders In (location) 00141833
Reactor Coolant List 0017be80
Recall Codes 001e67bf
Red! It's Lily! 001beae1
Red! Send Food! 001beae0
Reminder 0011a00a
Report 000f0dd9
Resignation Letter 00118b17
Richard's Note 000c97cc
Russell's Note 001a5857
Safe Report 000ed4c9
Scavenger's Lead 0018ac46
Scavenger's List 0018ac48
Scavenger's Note 0018ac47
Scavenger's Note 0002b4c2
Scrapper's Note 0013888e
Settler's Note 0002b4c1
Signal Checklist 0014f73c
Signal Interceptor - Items Needed 001a7bb9
Signal Interceptor - Items Needed 00069011
Signed, Your Neighbors 001f4d15
Silver Shroud Photo 0018ac1e
Silverhand's Note 00111825
Skylanes Smuggling Manifest 001957b1
Skylanes Smuggling Manifest 001957b2
Sleepwalker's Note 001f7b00
Sleepwalking Note 0010a346
Snack Bar Note 001c6bc1
State House Note 001b2e19
Status Report 000e8d66
Storage Password 000e56ff
Suicide Note 001b01c0
Suicide Note 001f22f0
Super Mutant Letter 0011396e
Super Mutants In (location) 00141e9d
Supermutant's Orders 00118b22
Supply Log 00166a8f
Surgery Receipt 000347d5
Swan's Note 0001b205
Technician's Journal Page 001c6107
Technician's Note 00223cf6
The Boogeyman Banished? 0021c982
The Mysterious Stranger 001c2294
The Synthetic Truth 0012cf27
To My Big Sister Red 001beadf
Toll Schedule 001079ae
Torn Journal Page 00111824
Torn Letter 000668d1
Torn Letter 001c6162
Torn Note 0001b1ff
Trashbusters Award 0008ccf9
Trish's Note 0004427a
View From The Vault, Part 1 000a0783
View From The Vault, Part 1 000a0784
View From The Vault, Part 1 000a0785
View From The Vault, Part 2 000a0786
View From The Vault, Part 2 000a0787
View From The Vault, Part 2 000a0788
View From The Vault, Part 2 000a0789
View From The Vault, Part 3 000a4751
View From The Vault, Part 3 000a4752
View From The Vault, Part 3 000a4753
Virgil's Letter 0014572f
Warning 00118b19
Wattz Flyer 001ab2ed
Wellingham's Recipe 001a71e8
Automatron DLC Code + 007b20
Chief Scientist's Holotape DLC Code + 008b44
Drawing Of The Mechanist DLC Code + 00417b
Facilities Director's Holotape DLC Code + 008b43
Jackson's Holotape DLC Code + 010134
Jezebel Interview DLC Code + 011070
The Last Straw DLC Code + 00a2d3
Lead Engineer's Holotape DLC Code + 008b42
Mechanist Holotape DLC Code + 010a56 xx010a57 xx010a58
Mechanist's Log DLC Code + 009fe1
Scavenger's Journal DLC Code + 0109d2
Work Order 09-241 DLC Code + 008b62
Zoe's Diary DLC Code + 0009d3
An Execution DLC Code + 03748b
Chores List DLC Code + 0316e0
Dima's Memory DLC Code + 01e3fb xx01e3fc xx01e3fd xx01e711 xx01e712
Ezra's Holotape DLC Code + 04b1b7
Family Announcement DLC Code + 0316e1
Holotape DLC Code + 0316e2
Gwyneth's Journal DLC Code + 01c70b
Husky Family Holotape DLC Code + 0316c0
Levi's Holotape DLC Code + 02c34c
Mark Wilson's Holotape DLC Code + 02c34b
Martin's New Age DLC Code + 03748c
Mysterious Holotape DLC Code + 02f1c9
Safe Room Security Tape DLC Code + 032c52
To Franny DLC Code + 040a4a
Vault 118 Overseer's Log DLC Code + 04e715
What Atom Requires DLC Code + 03748a
What's Done Is Done DLC Code + 038d92
A New Path DLC Code + 04fd1c
A Stranger Arrives DLC Code + 029418
A Vengeful Creature DLC Code + 029419
A Safer Way DLC Code + 02941b
Aubert's Note DLC Code + 02c900
Blank Note DLC Code + 0500a9
Brother Alders DLC Code + 04dfcb
Brother Devin's Diary DLC Code + 04dfe5
Carlo's Note DLC Code + 054226
Cog's Journal DLC Code + 038ed5
Consultation Note DLC Code + 04fb97
Craneberry Island Supplies Note DLC Code + 04d21e
Douglas's Note DLC Code + 04fd11
Drain Corpse Note DLC Code + 01b79d
Dylan's Note DLC Code + 054200
Edgar's Note DLC Code + 02c8ff
Eliza Family Drawing DLC Code + 04faea
Eliza Journals DLC Code + 04e97e xx04e97f xx04e980 xx04e981 xx04e982 xx04e983 xx04fae8
Eliza Map Of Home DLC Code + 04dbc0
Fanatical Writings DLC Code + 054204
Fire Belly Recipe DLC Code + 04b9b4
Gift Card DLC Code + 04eb5d
Grandfather's Note DLC Code + 017e85
High Confessor's Note DLC Code + 02c8fe
Islander's Almanac DLC Code + 04ef8b xx04ef8d xx04ef8f xx04ef92 xx04ef94
Kasumi's Journal DLC Code + 017e8b
Kawaketak Station Flyer DLC Code + 01bc84
Kenji Nakano Case Notes DLC Code + 004f48
Last Note From Mom DLC Code + 04fb95
Letter From Maxwell DLC Code + 04b188
Letter To Ezra DLC Code + 049663
Love Letter To Bridget DLC Code + 00d802
Mariner's Goodbye DLC Code + 0486c4
Mariner's Will DLC Code + 0486c6
Northwood Quarry Notes DLC Code + 0427ce xx0427cf
Note DLC Code + 04fba0 xx04fba1 xx04fba2 xx04fba3
Note From Atom's Shrine DLC Code + 0269c4
Old Letter DLC Code + 04fb9b
Put It From Your Mind DLC Code + 054258
Radioman's Note DLC Code + 0541fe xx0541ff
Repairs In Progress DLC Code + 05711d
Report From Pv DLC Code + 04fb99
Request For Detective DLC Code + 048a2d
Run! DLC Code + 04fb9d
Scrawled Journal DLC Code + 054203
Scrawled Note DLC Code + 0269aa
Sister Gwyneth's Visit DLC Code + 037487
Storage Room Notice DLC Code + 038ed8
Taste Test DLC Code + 04dfd2
The Children Trapped DLC Code + 02941a
The Sacred Elements DLC Code + 04e0b4
These Mannequins! DLC Code + 01087e
To My "family" DLC Code + 04b347
Torn Flyer Piece DLC Code + 01bc7c cut xx01bc85 xx01bc7d cut xx01bc86 xx01bc82 cut xx01bc87 xx01bc87 cut xx01bc88
Trapper's Note DLC Code + 054216
Unfinished Note DLC Code + 04dfcd
Victoria's Note DLC Code + 0540a4
Ware's Brew Recipe DLC Code + 03e12d
Wind Turbine Code DLC Code + 034df6
Vault 88 Chemical Research DLC Code + 004bc6
Vault-tec Prototypes DLC Code + 0053da
A.f.a.d. Interrogation DLC Code + 0439f6
A.f.a.d. Manifesto DLC Code + 0439f5
Buzz's Holotape DLC Code + 04a519
Caleb's Personal Log DLC Code + 04a660
Corporal Downey's Report DLC Code + 0474cc
Dixie's Souvenir DLC Code + 043bc8 xx043bc9 xx043bca
Dr. Mcdermot's Journals DLC Code + 0439f0 xx0439f2 xx0439f3 xx044913
Dusty's Message DLC Code + 0474c7
Emerson's Holotape DLC Code + 0474c4
For Deke DLC Code + 03f838
General Braxton's Visit DLC Code + 046905
Hidden Cappy Contest Hints DLC Code + 056a01
Ian's Holotape DLC Code + 03951f
Jesse's Personal Log DLC Code + 0474c9
Kristy's Holotape DLC Code + 0474ca
Maggy, It's Your Mother DLC Code + 0489b6
Maja's Message DLC Code + 0474c8
Mark's Log DLC Code + 0474c5
Meacham Recordings DLC Code + 03f8db xx03f8dc xx03f8dd xx03f8de
Mother, It's Mags DLC Code + 0489b7
N.i.r.a.'s Holotape DLC Code + 04249d
Nisha's Holotape DLC Code + 04e97e
Nuka-cola Clear DLC Code + 046904
Nuka-cola Recording DLC Code + 04a681
Nuka-world Paramedic Report DLC Code + 04478e
Personal Log DLC Code + 03951d
Persuasion Test Eight DLC Code + 0489b5
Project Consumer Guidance DLC Code + 0474c6
Rachel's Holotape DLC Code + 0417b3
Recon Log DLC Code + 03951e
Sergeant Lanier's Report DLC Code + 0474cb
Stinking Operators DLC Code + 04a517
The Test DLC Code + 01110e
Tiana's Log DLC Code + 032f4e
You Go Tell Mason DLC Code + 04a518
Buzz's Note DLC Code + 04a51a
Cito's Note DLC Code + 04d3d7
Crag's Plan DLC Code + 04434b
Disciple Affirmations DLC Code + 04e97c
Fury Grenade Recipe DLC Code + 026191
Going To The Roof DLC Code + 04f553
Good Looking Guy's Note DLC Code + 04a51f
H's Note DLC Code + 04a51d
Hasty Letter DLC Code + 04f54f
Hidden Cappy Clues DLC Code + 01556c xx01556d xx01556e xx01556f xx015571 xx015572 xx015573 xx015574 xx015575
Hunter's Journal Page DLC Code + 042e9f
Kaylor's Orders DLC Code + 01a28e
Note About Missing Slaves DLC Code + 04a521
Nuka-nuke Schematics DLC Code + 056cfe
Nuka-world Contest Flyer DLC Code + 013a48
Ophelia's Unsent Letter DLC Code + 039526
Park Map Pamphlet DLC Code + 047f44
Persuasion Grenade Recipe DLC Code + 025b1b
Pissed Off Guy's Note DLC Code + 04a520
Predator Grenade Recipe DLC Code + 026193
Project Cobalt Complete DLC Code + 050a9f
Project Cobalt Schematics DLC Code + 056cf9
Ramblings DLC Code + 039527
Ricky's Note DLC Code + 046dd1
Rumor About Missing Slaves DLC Code + 04a522
Safe Combination DLC Code + 04693d xx04693e xx04693f
Sam's Note DLC Code + 046dd3
Shorty's Note DLC Code + 04a51e
Smooth Operator Recipe DLC Code + 026b12
Sykes' Old Letter DLC Code + 039525
Terry's Note DLC Code + 046dcf
The Radicorn DLC Code + 04e97b
They Hit Boston DLC Code + 04f554
Traitor's Note DLC Code + 04aa33 xx04aa34 xx04aa35
V's Note DLC Code + 04a51c
Scabby's Journal Keep Out fe0xx85c