Fallout 4 Junk Code List

Find below a list of all Fallout 4 Junk IDs. Junk items are items that can be crafted or found around the map. They usually don't have a specified purpose and instead are used in crafting recipes for other items.

Type the cheat code or name of an item into the search box to instantly filter 585 IDs. For help spawning items using these ID codes, please see our spawn item help page.

Item codes from DLCs start with a different code called a DLC Code. A DLC code is a two digit number that tells the game the DLC an item comes from. It is different for everyone because it's based on the amount and type of DLCs you have installed. If need help finding the DLC code for one of your DLCs, please see our DLC code finder.

Item Name ID Code
Acid 001bf72d
Adhesive 001bf72e
Aluminum 0006907a
Antiseptic 001bf72f
Asbestos 000aec5c
Ballistic Fiber 000aec5b
Bone 000aec5d
Ceramic 000aec5e
Circuitry 0006907b
Cloth 000aec5f
Concrete 00106d99
Copper 0006907c
Cork 000aec60
Crystal 0006907d
Fertilizer 001bf730
Fiber Optics 00069087
Fiberglass 000aec61
Gears 0006907e
Glass 00069085
Gold 000aec62
Lead 000aec63
Leather 000aec64
Nuclear Material 00069086
Oil 001bf732
Plastic 0006907f
Rubber 00106d98
Screw 00069081
Silver 000aec66
Spring 00069082
Steel 000731a4
Wood 000731a3
5lb Weight 001cc0f0
10lb Weight 001cc0f1
25lb Weight 001cc0f3
40lb Barbell 0023c85f
80lb Barbell 0023c85d
80lb Curlbar 0023c860
20lb Dumbbell 0023c85c
160lb Dumbbell 0023c85e
Abraxo Cleaner 00059a71
Abraxo Cleaner Industrial Grade 001c9e96
Adjustable Wrench 0004d1f5
Alarm Clock 00059b27
Aluminum Can 0001f908
Aluminum Canister 00176054
Aluminum Oil Can 000fce33
Aluminum Tray 0016d8ca
Amontillado Bottle 001beaee
Anchorage Veteran's Flag 0014dd36
Annika's Locket 00101048
Anti Freeze Bottle 00060e73
Antique Globe 0001d975
Antique Pocket Watch 0014ddfc
Antique Silver Locket 0014de00
Antique Table Knife 00140b2f
Applicator 00166b2c
Ashtray 0008e370
Assaultron Circuit Board 0022d0f6
Baby Bottle 0009b4ba
Baby Rattle 00059a75
Bag Of Cement 00098148
Bag Of Fertilizer 0005a0d9
Ball-peen Hammer 0004d1f3
Bandage Scissors 000c9ad7
Baseball 00059a76
Baseball Base 00059a78
Baseball Glove 00059a77
Basketball 000df264
Battered Clipboard 0001f92f
Beaker 00059b17
Beaker Stand 000ec8b6
Beer Bottle 000211dd
Biometric Scanner 00154ad3
Blacksmith Hammer 001a0b13
Blast Radius Board Game 0006b165
Bloatfly Gland 0002c59e
Bloodbug Proboscis 00028668
Blood Can 0022750c
Blood Sac 00028a63
Blowtorch 0011da0f
Blue Paint 0001d95a
Blue Table Lamp 0003f8c0
Bone Cutter 000c9ade
Bonesaw 00059b40
Boston Bugle 0001a4b9
Bourbon 000dedd9
Bourbon Bottle 000deddf
Bowl 00140b1a
Bowling Ball 000df265
Bowling Pin 000df266
Box Of San Francisco Sunlights 00159f0d
Brahmin Hide 0022b623
Brahmin Skull 00059b0c
Bread Box 00046a86
Broken Femur 00188c9a
Broken Lamp 0007830a
Broken Light Bulb 000342ba
Broken Tibia 00188c9b
Broom 0005238f
Brotherhood Of Steel Holotag 000bda4f
Brown Bottle 000df222
Bunsen Burner 000ec8b8
Burgundy Bottle 000df24d
Cafeteria Tray 00059a82
Cake Pan 0001a333
Camera 00059a83
Can 0001f909
Capless Skull 00188ca3
Carlisle Typewriter 001c88e7
Cat Bowl 00101cb9
Cauterizer 00166b2d
Ceramic Bowl 00023c32
Chalk 00140d98
Championship Bowling Ball 0014dd34
Championship Bowling Pin 0014dd32
Charge Card 00084aac
Chemistry Jar 00176052
Chessboard 00059ab4
Cigar 0008e36f
Cigar Box 0005821e
Cigarette 00059ab5
Cigarette Carton 0005821c
Classroom Globe 0014dd40
Claw Hammer 001a0b14
Clean Broom 000e376a
Clean Cake Pan 0001a32f
Clean Coffee Cup 00171947
Clean Coffee Tin 00020191
Clean Dog Bowl 000e3772
Clean Drinking Glass 00140b24
Clean Globe 001a7da5
Clean Pepper Mill 00020184
Clean Red Plate 0015cdf6
Clean Salt Shaker 00020183
Clean Umbrella 000ba2fd
Clean Umbrella Stand 000ba3f8
Clean White Plate 0015cdf5
Clipboard 0022579f
Clothes Hanger 001be890
Clothing Iron 00059ade
Coffee Cup 000211c4
Coffee Pot 000211cc
Coffee Tin 00020194
Collander 0011da11
Collectible Baseball 000e3764
Colonial Vase 0014ddfb
Combination Wrench 0004d1f6
Comfy Pillow 00060ec8
Connecting Rod 000e1ff7
Cooking Oil 00061fa7
Cooking Pan 00059aec
Cooking Pot 00059aba
Coolant 000c437f
Coolant Cap 000e1ff0
Copper Bar 00100e19
Cotton Yarn 00060ec0
Covered Sauce Pan 0003d3a8
Cracked Bowl 00023c34
Cracked Deathclaw Egg 0014f6ac
Cracked Glass Bowl 00023c38
Crystal Liquor Decanter 00060e82
Cue Ball 00059afc
Cutting Board 00059abc
Cutting Fluid 000657fb
Danse's Holotags 000d10ab
Dawnshire Vase 0014ddf7
Deathclaw Hand 0002ef67
Deathclaw Hide 00034604
Deflated Kickball 0002d9ac
Derby-winning Toy Car 0014dd23
Desk Fan 0001f905
Desktop Picture Frame 001a89a2
Dinner Fork 00060e93
Dinner Plate 00060e90
Dirty Ashtray 0008e371
Dishrag 000a4920
Distress Pulser 000ba073
Dog Bowl 00059a7e
Dog Tags 00060ebf
Drinking Glass 00140b22
Duct Tape 0004d1f2
Ear Examiner 0013ff44
Economy Wonderglue 0006c5ae
Eight Ball 00059afe
Eleven Ball 0018e4e9
Empty Blood Pack 0014242a
Empty Blood Sac 00028a64
Empty Can 0016d8c9
Empty Coolant 000c4380
Empty Floral Barrel Vase 00061afe
Empty Floral Flared Vase 00061af3
Empty Floral Rounded Vase 00061af0
Empty Floral Vaulted Vase 00061afb
Empty Milk Bottle 0003b55b
Empty Paint Can 00059b3a
Empty Teal Barrel Vase 00061abc
Empty Teal Bud Vase 00061abb
Empty Teal Flared Vase 00061ab5
Empty Teal Rounded Vase 00061ab1
Empty Teal Vaulted Vase 00061ab6
Empty Willow Barrel Vase 00061ae1
Empty Willow Bud Vase 00061ae0
Empty Willow Flared Vase 00061ade
Empty Willow Rounded Vase 00061ad0
Empty Willow Vaulted Vase 00061adf
Enamel Bucket 0006d140
Enhanced Targeting Card 000e7e71
Extinguisher 0001f8f9
Fancy Hairbrush 00060ecd
Feather Duster 00196ab9
Femur 00188c99
Fifteen Ball 0018e4f1
Fishing Rod 00059b36
Five Ball 0018e4de
Flask 000ec8ad
Flight Data Recorder 0013a3e0
Flip Lighter 00058224
Floral Barrel Vase 000ac8e3
Floral Bud Vase 000ac8e1
Floral Flared Vase 000ac8d9
Floral Rounded Vase 000ac8cf
Floral Vaulted Vase 000ac8e0
Fork 00140b29
Four Ball 0018e4d5
Fourteen Ball 0018e4ef
Frying Pan 0003d3a5
Fumigus Blowtorch 001c7f2b
Fuse 00059acc
Gas Canister 00059b33
Gear 000e1ff9
Giddyup Buttercup 00163a12
Giddyup Buttercup Back Leg 00163a15
Giddyup Buttercup Body 00163a16
Giddyup Buttercup Front Leg 00163a14
Giddyup Buttercup Head 00163a13
Giddyup Buttercup Toy Parts 00031aaf
Gilded Grasshopper 00147d5e
Glass Barrel Red Vase 0005e1b1
Glass Barrel Teal Vase 0005e1b6
Glass Barrel Vase 000488b8
Glass Bowl 00023c36
Glass Bud Red Vase 0005e1b0
Glass Bud Teal Vase 0005e1b5
Glass Bud Vase 000488bc
Glass Flared Red Vase 0005e1ae
Glass Flared Teal Vase 0005e1b3
Glass Flared Vase 000488b9
Glass Pitcher 00059ad1
Glass Rounded Red Vase 0005e1ad
Glass Rounded Teal Vase 0005e1b2
Glass Rounded Vase 000488cc
Glass Vaulted Red Vase 0005e1af
Glass Vaulted Teal Vase 0005e1b4
Glass Vaulted Vase 000488ba
Globe 001a7da6
Gold Bar 00100e1e
Gold Plated Flip Lighter 00060e88
Gold Watch 00060e7c
Graduated Cylinder 00176050
Gwinnett Ale Bottle 0011ea9e
Gwinnett Brew Bottle 0011ea9b
Gwinnett Lager Bottle 0011ea9c
Gwinnett Pale Ale Bottle 0011ea9d
Gwinnett Pilsner Bottle 0011eaa0
Gwinnett Stout Bottle 0011ea9f
Hack Saw 00173f01
Hairbrush 00060ecc
Hallucigen Gas Canister 000e69af
Hammer 001a4ab0
Handcuffs 00059b3f
High-powered Magnet 001ab88d
High-powered Microscope 001c61c3
Hoe 000af88f
Home Plate 0001a4ba
Hot Plate 00059adb
Hubcap 0007e941
Human Jaw 00188ca0
Ichor Sac 00028a62
Inactive Distress Pulser 00140c3b
Industrial Oil Canister 001ab5ee
Industrial Size Shortening 001c9e8e
Industrial Solvent 001c7f26
Injector 00166b2e
Iv Bag 00142428
Jangles The Moon Monkey 00147b03
Jawless Brahmin Skull 00188b3e
Kickball 000822d3
Kitchen Scale 000af8ef
Knight Rylan's Holotag 000bdcdd
Lab Bottle 0017604f
Ladle 00059b11
Lantern 00096a21
Large Baby Bottle 001a899b
Large Beaker 00176053
Large Dinner Plate 000488da
Large Plate 000488dc
Large Serving Plate 000488db
Late Edition Newspaper 000fcdc8
League Bowling Pin 000df267
Left Arm Bones 000347e9
Left Foot Bones 000347eb
Left Hand Bones 000347e3
Left Leg Bones 000347e5
Life Preserver 00141df2
Light Bulb 0005a0d3
Liquor Bottle 000df221
Lit Cigar 0008e36e
Lit Cigarette 0008e36d
Locket 00199043
Luxobrew Coffee Pot 001c7f1b
Magnifying Glass 0011da13
Makeshift Battery 001aad69
Masonry Hammer 001a0b12
Medical Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser 00060ea2
Metal Bucket 00059a80
Microscope 00059aeb
Military Ammo Bag 00060e77
Military-grade Circuit Board 00154ad2
Military Grade Duct Tape 00060e78
Mini Nuke Beryllium Cap 0017a778
Mini Nuke Detonator Shell 0017a776
Mini Nuke Hemisphere Core 0017a772
Mini Nuke Stabilizer Fins 0017a774
Mole Rat Teeth 00034603
Mole Rat Hide 0022b628
Mop 00059aee
Mr. Handy Fuel 000b91ff
New Floral Barrel Vase 000ac91b
New Floral Bud Vase 000ac917
New Floral Flared Vase 000ac8ee
New Floral Rounded Vase 000ac8ea
New Floral Vaulted Vase 000ac914
New Power Cables 00091fd2
New Teal Barrel Vase 000ac918
New Teal Bud Vase 000ac915
New Teal Flared Vase 000ac8ec
New Teal Rounded Vase 000ac8e6
New Teal Vaulted Vase 000ac909
New Toy Car 000fce2f
New Toy Truck 0015e8f7
New Willow Barrel Vase 000ac91a
New Willow Bud Vase 000ac916
New Willow Flared Vase 000ac8ed
New Willow Rounded Vase 000ac8e8
New Willow Vaulted Vase 000ac913
Nine Ball 0018e4e5
Nuka-cola Bottle 0004835a
Office Desk Fan 00192d5d
Oil Can 001c7f23
Oil Canister 001ab5ed
One Ball 0018e4da
Oven Mitt 00060e7b
Pack Of Cigarettes 0005821a
Pack Of Duct Tape 001c7f1f
Paint Can 00059b3b
Paintbrush 00060ecf
Pelvis Bones 00188c9d
Pen 00140d99
Pencil 00059af8
Pepper Mill 00020189
Picture Frame 0014de02
Pint Glass 0011eb44
Plastic Bowl 00060ed9
Plastic Fork 00059acb
Plastic Knife 00060e94
Plastic Plate 00059afa
Plastic Pumpkin 000a8ab1
Plastic Spoon 00059b10
Plate 00140b27
Plunger 00059afb
Power Relay Coil 00091fde
Pre-war Lamp 00078309
Pre-war Money 00059b02
Preserved Cigarette Pack 000e3770
Prosnap Camera 001c7f28
Prototype Biometric Scanner 0014ddfa
Rack 00059aff
Radioactive Gland 0021c00b
Radscorpion Stinger 000628ed
Radstag Hide 0022b626
Rat Poison 00060ed8
Recorder 0013ff87
Red Plate 00165327
Reporter's Camera 0014dd48
Reporter's Pen 0014ddaf
Reporter's Pencil 0014ddbd
Research Test Tube 00059b16
Restored Desk Fan 000f15bf
Rib Cage 00188c98
Rib Cage And Pelvis 000347e7
Rib Cage And Spine 000347e6
Right Arm Bones 000347e8
Right Foot Bones 000347ea
Right Hand Bones 000347e2
Right Leg Bones 000347e4
Ring Stand 000ec8b3
Rolled Boston Bugle 000286f5
Rum Bottle 0014a138
Ruptured Hallucigen Gas Canister 0016d041
Salt Shaker 0002018a
Sauce Pan 0003d3a6
Sauce Pan Lid 0003d3a7
Saucer 0019269b
Saw 00173f02
Scalpel 00059b43
Scissors 00059b44
Screwdriver 0004d1f4
Sealed Boston Bugle 00140d84
Sealed Wonderglue 000e3784
Sensor 00166b31
Sensor Module 001acc8e
Seven Ball 0018e4e2
Shadeless Lamp 0003f8c2
Shadeless Table Lamp 0007830b
Shem Drowne's Skull 00147d5d
Shopping Basket 00090e5e
Shot Glass 00059b0a
Shovel 000822cb
Silver Bar 00100e1c
Silver Bowl 00060edb
Silver Fork 00060e8b
Silver Hairbrush 0014ddff
Silver Locket 00059b34
Silver Plate 00060e91
Silver Pocket Watch 00060e7d
Silver Table Knife 00060e8d
Silver Table Spoon 00060e95
Six Ball 0018e4e0
Skull 000347e1
Skull Cap Bone 00188ca2
Skull Eye Socket 00188c9f
Skull Faceplate 00188c9e
Skull Fragment 00188ca1
Small Baby Bottle 001a89a0
Small Covered Sauce Pan 0003d3ab
Small Dinner Plate 000488dd
Small Picture Frame 001a89a3
Small Plate 000488df
Small Sauce Pan 0003d3a9
Small Sauce Pan Lid 0003d3aa
Small Serving Plate 000488de
Soap 0019945f
Spanner 00166b32
Spatula 00059b0f
Spine 000347ed
Stew Pot 00059a7a
Stogie 00159f0a
Straw Pillow 00060ec7
Suprathaw Antifreeze 001c7f31
Surgical Scalpel 000c9ada
Surgical Tray 00059ad8
Swan Boat Fragments 001cc26f
Sweeper 001c9a67
Synth Component 000cff74
Table Knife 00059ae1
Table Spoon 00060e96
Tabletop Picture Frame 001a8e0b
Tack Hammer 001a0b11
Tall Flask 000ec8ab
Teacup 00192699
Tea Kettle 00020199
Teal Barrel Vase 000ac8cd
Teal Bud Vase 000ac8cc
Teal Flared Vase 000ac8c8
Teal Rounded Vase 000ac8c6
Teal Vaulted Vase 000ac8ca
Teapot 00192697
Teddy Bear 00059b14 0022c1f0
Telephone 00059b15
Ten Ball 0018e4e7
Test Tube 000eafc1
Test Tube Rack 000eafbe
Thin Beaker 00176051
Thirteen Ball 0018e4ed
Three Ball 0018e4dc
Tibia 00188c9c
Tin Can 0001f90a
Toaster 00059b19 00059b1a
Tongs 001a0b15
Toothbrush 00060ece
Toothpaste 00199a88
Torque Rod End 000e1ff8
Toy Alien 00059b2b
Toy Car 00059b1c
Toy Rocketship 00059b2a
Toy Truck 0015e8f6
Tray 0019dff3
Tri Tool 00166b34
Trifold American Flag 00059b2e
Tube Flange 000e1ff6
Turpentine 00059b1e
Tv Dinner Tray 00059b2c
Tweezers 0013ff41
Twelve Ball 0018e4eb
Two Ball 00059afd
Typewriter 00059b20
Umbrella 000ba2f8
Umbrella Stand 000ba3f7
Undamaged Abraxo Cleaner 000e3760
Undamaged American Flag 000fce31
Undamaged Baseball Glove 000e3766
Undamaged Camera 000e376c
Undamaged Cigarettes 000e376e
Unfilled Kickball 0002d9ab
Unrusted Tin Can 000f15bb
Unscorched Oven Mitt 000fe270
Untarnished Coffee Pot 0019930e
Untarnished Metal Bucket 000e377e
Unused Ashtray 000e3762
Unused Enamel Bucket 000e3776
Unused Flip Lighter 000e377c
Upper Skull 000347ec
Used Oil Can 0004b273
Vacuum Tube 00060aa3
Vase 000b1647
Vegetable Starch 000657fe
Vodka 000df031
Vodka Bottle 000dede0
Wakemaster Alarm Clock 001c9e92
Whiskey 000df032
Whiskey Bottle 000dede1
White Bottle 000df223
White Plate 00165326
Willow Barrel Vase 000ac8c2
Willow Bud Vase 000ac8c1
Willow Flared Vase 000ac8bf
Willow Rounded Vase 000ac8be
Willow Vaulted Vase 000ac8c0
Wine Bottle 000deded
Wonderglue 00059b25
Wooden Block - B & Y 00197502
Wooden Block - I & D 00059b1d
Wooden Block - N & S 00197503
Wooden Block - V & F 00197501
Wooden Picture Frame 0014de01
Wooden Soldier Toy 00191e93
Wooden Spoon 000ffe09
Wrench 0004d1f7
Yao Guai Hide 0022b62a
Yardstick 00059b3e
Yellow Paint 0001d95b
Yellow Plate 00165328
Yellow Table Lamp 0003f8c1
Yellow-trimmed Plate 0015cdf7
Youth League Baseball 0014dd17
Youth League Glove 0014dd1a
Black Ice DLC Code + 0035c5
Cat Remains DLC Code + 045e97 xx045e99 xx045e9b xx045e9d xx045ea6 xx045ea8 xx045eaa
Code DLC Code + 0035c4
Coffee Cup DLC Code + 010135
Condensed Fog DLC Code + 03a2d1
Condenser Power Module DLC Code + 023b23
Drinking Glass DLC Code + 01012d
Garden Gnome DLC Code + 019e16 xx019e17 xx019e18
Hide Bundle DLC Code + 040df0
Jug DLC Code + 03a2d4
Lumberjack Saw DLC Code + 0365ee
Modified Bowling Ball Schematic DLC Code + 03171b
Plastic Bowl DLC Code + 010129
Plastic Plate DLC Code + 010130
Plastic Skull DLC Code + 045cf7
Plastic Upper Skull DLC Code + 045cf8
Red Paint Can DLC Code + 044bdb
Typewriter DLC Code + 001be5
Burger Tray DLC Code + 02a188
Gatorclaw Hand DLC Code + 04aa19
Gatorclaw Hide DLC Code + 04aa16
Hot Dog Tray DLC Code + 02a189
Nuka-cola Cup DLC Code + 02a186
Nuka-cola Cup And Straw DLC Code + 02b60c
Nuka-cola Cup Pack DLC Code + 02b60f
Pizza Tray DLC Code + 02a187
Souvenir Coffee Cup DLC Code + 02689d
Souvenir Drinking Glass DLC Code + 02689e
Souvenir Magnet Badge DLC Code + 02a181
Souvenir Magnet Cat DLC Code + 02a184
Souvenir Magnet Cow DLC Code + 0268a1
Souvenir Magnet Flower DLC Code + 02a182
Souvenir Magnet Frog DLC Code + 02a183
Souvenir Plastic Bowl DLC Code + 0268a0
Souvenir Plate DLC Code + 02689f
Souvenir Sloth Toy DLC Code + 02a185
Souvenir Teddy Bear DLC Code + 02a180
Souvenir Toy Car DLC Code + 02bfef